Monday, February 12, 2018

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stock Recovery Falters; Yen Rallies With Havens: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Record Number of U.S. Small-Business Owners Say It’s a Good Time to Expand

[Reuters] Stock market's rout is not impacting the US economic outlook: Cleveland Fed's Mester

[Bloomberg] Any Hint of Faster Inflation in Data Could Knock Markets All Over Again

[CNBC] Investors cut bond market allocation to 20-year low amid fears of a 'crash'

[Politico] 'Never been a more discouraging time' for Washington's deficit hawks

[Bloomberg] GOP’s Silence on Deficits Under Trump Marks Turnabout for Party

[Reuters] China's new loans in Jan surge to record 2.9 trillion yuan, blow past forecasts

[Bloomberg] HNA's Fire Sale Gets Into Full Swing From Hong Kong to London

[Reuters] Rattled by U.S. fiscal, monetary tug-of-war, investors start looking abroad

[Bloomberg] Cold War Rivals Risk Direct Conflict in Syria

[NYT] The Middle East’s Coming War

[WSJ] Bond Investors Worry About the Tax Overhaul’s Long-Term Cost

[WSJ] Market Volatility Strikes Exchange-Traded Products, Alarming Investors and Regulators

[WSJ] Chinese Banks Had an ‘Absolutely Monstrous’ Month for New Loans

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall Street up for second straight day, clawing back after sell-off

[Bloomberg] Trump's $4.4 Trillion Budget Boosts Defense With More Red Ink

[Reuters] As Trump gambles with more economic stimulus, the Fed is poised to counter inflation

[Bloomberg] Fed Survey Shows Americans Expect Biggest Pay Hikes in Years

[Bloomberg] Volatility Sellers Return to Market With a Vengeance

[Bloomberg] Retail Investors Piled In Just Before the Stock Rally Fizzled

[Bloomberg] Treasury Yields Will Climb to 3.5% on Fed, Goldman Sachs Asset Management Says

[Bloomberg] Hedge Funds' Biggest Short in Bonds Faces Make-or-Break Moment

[Bloomberg] VIX Manipulation Costs Investors Billions, Whistle-Blower Says