Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Greece’s Odd-Couple Coalition Only Agrees About Ending Austerity 

[Bloomberg] Mongolia’s Bonds Slump With Copper as Spat With Rio Stalls Mine

[Washington Post] Russian leaders lash out at West for inciting ‘anti-Russian hysteria’

[UK Telegraph, Evans-Pritchard] Greek coalition braces for debt showdown as Germany rattles sabre

[Reuters] Ukraine rebels move to encircle government troops in new advance

[Bloomberg] EU Renews Push for Sanctions on Russia as Putin Blames Ukraine


Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Ruble Slides Most in Three Weeks After S&P Cuts Russia to Junk

[Washington Post] The lesson from Greece: A 1930s-style depression creates 1930s-style politics

[Bloomberg] Greek Bank Bonds Slump After Syriza Victory Raises Funding Risk

[Bloomberg] Ruble Sinks Most in 2 Weeks as Stocks Slide on Ukraine Fighting

[Bloomberg] Russia Leads Emerging-Stock Drop on Ukraine Clashes; Ruble Sinks

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Forges Anti-Austerity Coalition in EU Challenge

[Reuters] Tsipras to form anti-bailout Greek government after big victory

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Election Win Draws French Congratulations, German Threat

[UK Guardian] Spain’s Podemos inspired by Syriza’s victory in Greek elections

[Reuters] IMF's Lagarde rules out special treatment for Greece

[Bloomberg] Samaras’s Undoing Came Fast After Praise From Merkel

[Bloomberg] China Switches to Supporting Yuan as Outflows Mount: Currencies

[Business Times/Bloomberg] Property cash crunch worsens as trusts pull funds: China Credit

[Bloomberg] Yuan Posts Biggest Two-Day Loss Since 2008, Nears Band Limit

[Bloomberg] Death Threats and Dawn Raids: Welcome to China's Anti-Graft Drive

[Bloomberg] Oil Slides to Near 6-Year Low; Saudi Arabia Holds Firm Despite Supply Glut

[Bloomberg] Owners of Negative-Yield Sovereign Debt Say They’re No Fools

[AP] Russia defiant after threats from West over Ukraine

[AP] Shiite rebels violently disperse demonstrators in Yemen

[Bloomberg] For Saudis, Falling Demand for Oil Is the Biggest Concern

[Bloomberg] Draghi Plays Chess in Economy Class After Journey to QE

[Bloomberg] Traders Are Hedging Against "One of the Main Threats on the Tech Sector": The Surging Dollar