Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Wednesday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rise With Bond Yields Amid ‘Soft’ Sanctions: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasuries Come Under Pressure as Rate-Hike Bets Gain Vigor

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Eases Back as Traders Weigh U.S. Sanctions, Iran Talks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Fights Off Rising Rates, Bitcoin to Be Haven in Tough Times

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russian Markets Reeling, With Ruble Record Low in Sights

[AP] Russia evacuating embassy in Ukraine as crisis escalates

[CNN] The latest on the Ukraine-Russia crisis

[AP] Biden, Putin signal bigger confrontation ahead over Ukraine

[CNBC] Russia’s Ukraine incursion could complicate the Federal Reserve’s interest rate decisions

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Putin Escalation Leaves China’s Xi With Tough Balancing Act

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Germany Says It Can Do Without Russian Gas. That’s Tricky

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Crackdown Risk Roars Back in Probe of Jack Ma’s Empire

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Shimao Misses Payment as $948 Million Debt Talks Drag On

[Reuters] As sanctions start, Russia's trade flow shifting towards China

[Reuters] China says Taiwan is 'not Ukraine' as island raises alert level

[CNN] China's leaders may be watching Ukraine with an eye on Taiwan

[Reuters] Taiwan casts wary eye at China amid Ukraine crisis, but no immediate alarm

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Inflation-Obsessed Investors Can’t Get Enough of Commodities

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Hedge Funds Slash Tech in Pivot to Other Strategies, Goldman Report Says

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Omicron Ripping Through Cargo Ships May Exacerbate Shipping Woes

[Bloomberg] New Zealand Raises Rates for Third Time, Signals Higher Peak

[Bloomberg] China’s Gas Prices Surge to Record as World Grapples with Shortage

[WSJ] Ukraine Crisis Has Big Western Businesses Girding for Fallout From Sanctions

[WSJ] In Ukraine Crisis, Putin Confounded Diplomatic Efforts by Western Leaders

[WSJ] Fast-Spreading Covid-19 Omicron Type Revives Questions About Opening Up

[FT] Ukraine crisis: Sanctions and high energy prices pose threat to global economy

[FT] Ukraine prepares to impose state of emergency and calls up reserve troops

[FT] Putin’s denial of Ukrainian statehood carries dark historical echoes

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Oil soars, stocks fall as Russia, Ukraine fears intensify

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Ups Russia Sanctions, Calls Ukraine Invasion Underway

[Reuters] U.S. hits Russian banks, elites with sanctions over Ukraine crisis

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Blinken Says Meeting With Lavrov Is Canceled: Ukraine Update

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden’s Russian Bond Ban Gives a Jolt to Global Debt Traders

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Finds Culprit Behind Risky Debt’s Enormous Resurgence: Itself

[WSJ] Why This Economic Boom Can’t Lift America’s Spirits

[WSJ] Home-Price Growth Hit Record in 2021

[FT] Putin backs separatist claims to whole Donbas region of Ukraine

[FT] Russia’s aggression tests limits of Ukraine’s restraint

Tuesday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Russia, Ukraine war fears send oil soaring, shake stocks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Nickel Hits Decade High as Ukraine Tensions Fuel Supply Concerns

[CNBC] Biden says U.S. will sanction Russian financial firms, sovereign debt and individuals after Ukraine incursion

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Unveils Russia Sanctions, Cites ‘Invasion’: Ukraine Update

[Reuters] NATO chief sees 'every indication' Russia still planning full-scale assault on Ukraine

[AP] Russia to evacuate diplomats from Ukraine, citing threats

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russia’s Contentious Nord Stream 2 Gas Pipeline Is Dead for Now

[AP] Ukraine-Russia crisis: What to know in the escalating crisis

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Why Donetsk and Luhansk Matter to Putin and the West

[Yahoo Finance] Consumer confidence falls slightly in February

[CNN] Home prices skyrocketed last year. Two regions saw the biggest increases

[FT] Putin backs separatist claims to whole Donbas region of Ukraine