Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] Oil rises more than 1 percent, boosted by weaker dollar

[Reuters] Dollar falls on more unwinding of bullish bets after Fed

[NYT] Deadlines Near as Greece and Germany Seek a Consensus on Debt

[Bloomberg] Merkel Points Tsipras Toward Deal With Greece’s Creditors

[Reuters] Tsipras, Merkel display goodwill, little sign of debt progress

[Bloomberg] These Junk Bond Outflows Show Just How Jumpy Buyers Have Become

[FT] Raise rates or face ‘devastating’ bubbles, says Fed official

[Bloomberg] Fed’s Fischer Says Rate Rise Probably Warranted by End-2015

[Bloomberg] Shadow Banking System Shows Signs of Stabilizing After Collapse

[Bloomberg] Saudis Will Take ‘Necessary Measures’ in Yemen If Talks Fail

[AP] Clashes Rage in Ukrainian Town, Making Mockery of Truce

[Reuters] Schlumberger sees prudence as new normal for U.S. shale oil

[Reuters] Yemen minister calls for Gulf Arab military intervention

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Greece Faces Decisive Week as Tsipras Is Set to Meet Merkel

[Bloomberg] Noyer Suggests ECB Can Allow More Emergency Liquidity for Greece

[Reuters] Yemen foes square off as fears of war, Saudi-Iran rivalry grow

[Reuters] Greek PM wrote to Merkel warning of 'impossible' debt obligation

[Bloomberg] Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Fall Short of 5 Million Pace

[Bloomberg] Brazil Burns Pimco to Investec as $134 Billion Bond Bet Unravels

[Bloomberg] China Internet Company Yielding 18% Shows Default Risks Brewing

[Bloomberg] Dizzying Pre-IPO Tech Values Spurred by Rush of Hedge-Fund Money

[Bloomberg] Why China Wants its Yuan to Be the World’s 5th Reserve Currency

[Bloomberg] Brazil Analysts Boost 2015 CPI, Cut GDP for 12th Straight Week

[Bloomberg] Oil Sands Tested as Today’s Rout Is Far Cry From Wildcat Years

[Bloomberg] No Risk Too Big as Bond Traders Plot Escape From Negative Yields

[WSJ] Torrent of Cash Exits Eurozone

[WSJ] Oil Price Drop Hurts Spending on Business Investments

[FT] Bond market fears liquidity crunch repeat

[Bloomberg] Central Banks Warn of Bad Outcomes as Weak Inflation Goes Global

[Bloomberg] Norway on Bubble Watch as Anxiety Over Oil Plunge Recedes

[Bloomberg] Texas Landmen Left Out of Work as Oil Patch Boom Times Go Bust

[Reuters] Fed's Mester urges shift in forward guidance role

[Reuters] Spain's Andalusia vote sets stage for national upheaval

[Reuters] Indonesian president says China's main claim in South China Sea has no legal basis

[Reuters] Houthi chief vows to fight militants, sees Libya-style strife

[Bloomberg] U.S. Squares Off With China Over North Korea Missile Defense