Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Evening Links

[UK Times] Greek banks ‘close to collapse’ as debt soars

[Politico] Iran talks face complication: Yemen

[Bloomberg] Greek Bonds Look Uglier and Uglier

[Bloomberg] With Kaisa Default Now Official, Who’s Next Becomes Key Question

[Reuters] China's banks foil support measures for housing market

[Bloomberg] Five Things You Need to Know About Student Loans

[Bloomberg] Few Who Lost Homes in U.S. Will Make Purchases Again Soon

[AP] Bombs Shatter Houses In Yemen Capital, Hit Near Iran Embassy

[AP] US Warship Heads to Yemeni Waters; Could Block Iran Weapons

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Greece Moves to Seize Public-Sector Funds as IMF Payment Due

[FT] Greece short-term bond yields hit another high

[Bloomberg] Kaisa Defaults After China Developer Says Can’t Pay Dollar Debts

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Fall as Chinese Shares Retreat; Ruble Advances

[Bloomberg] Spanish Bonds Gain With Italy’s as Draghi’s QE Shortens Selloffs

[Reuters] Grexit worries provide "momentum" for Bund yields to test zero

[Bloomberg] Creditors Chase Consensus With Greece to Unlock More Aid

[WSJ] Europe Braces for Messy Greek Endgame

[Reuters] Factbox - How low can they go? Central bank policy easing in 2015

[Reuters] Central banks prepare to flood FX markets with euros

[Bloomberg] What a Default on Kaisa’s Dollar Debt Could Mean for Creditors

[WSJ] China Central Bank Checks Europe Playbook on Credit

[Bloomberg] Bond Market’s Dumb Money Looks Clever in $350 Billion Shift

[Bloomberg] Ukraine’s $32 Billion Eurobond Pile Means Restructure or Go Bust

[Bloomberg] The $320 Billion Bogey Needed to Placate U.S. Stock Market Bulls

[Bloomberg, El-Erian] 11 Acts Toward a Greek Tragedy

[Bloomberg] Fed’s Cold-Case Files: Many Leaks But Nobody Caught Since 1980s