Sunday, July 12, 2015

Monday's News Links

[Reuters] Euro zone strikes Greek deal with tough conditions

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Faces Syriza Mutiny After Capitulating to Demands

[UK Guardian] Greek bailout: what happens next

[Bloomberg] European Stocks Are Rallying After The Greek Deal

[Reuters] Greek Coalition Partner Says Cannot Back Bailout Terms

[Reuters] Third Greek Bailout Likely to Take Four Weeks to Draw Up: Officials

[Bloomberg] Bonds Show Greek Risks Persist on Path Set for Bailout Accord

[Bloomberg] Euro’s Greek Boost Evaporates as Analysts Predict Losses to Come

[Reuters] Greek Banks to Stay Shut for Now, Finance Ministry Says

[Bloomberg] Junk-Bond ETFs Show Just How Desperate Traders Are for Liquidity

[Bloomberg] ECB Keeps Greek Bank-Aid Cap in Place as Parliament Vote Awaited

[Bloomberg] What’s in the Bailout Deal for Greece and What Happens Next?

[UK Guardian] Greece crisis talks: the July weekend that saved the euro but broke the EU?

[Bloomberg, El-Erian] Hard-Won Greek Deal Was the Easy Part

[NYT] Deal on Greek Debt Crisis Exposes Europe’s Deepening Fissures

[Washington Post] Why a deal might be too late for Greece

[Bloomberg] Oil Extends Decline as Iran Nuclear Deal Seen Exacerbating Glut

[FT] China wary of killing stock rally with margin lending curbs 

[NYT] China’s Incendiary Market Is Fanned by Borrowers and Manipulation

Sunday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Latest Greek Twist Sends Euro, Stock Futures Falling; Oil Sinks

[Reuters] Euro zone argues into the night with Greece on bailout terms

[UK Guardian] Greek crisis: surrender fiscal sovereignty in return for bailout, Merkel tells Tsipras

[WSJ] Greek Debt Crisis: Germany Flexes Its Muscles in Talks With Bailout Ultimatum

[Reuters] Anti-German Backlash as Social Media Tweets Denounce Greece 'Coup'

[UK Guardian] Trouble brews on EU doorstep over German plan to shut out Greece

[Bloomberg] EU Demands Complete Capitulation From Tsipras

[AP] Tsipras Facing Pressure to Back Deal or Consider Euro Exit

[NYT] Rising Economic Insecurity Tied to Decades-Long Trend in Employment Practices

[Bloomberg] Hacked in the U.S.A.: China’s Not-So-Hidden Infiltration Op

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Eurogroup Offers Leaders Choice of Words on Grexit: Document

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Given 72 Hours to Win EU’s Trust by Passing Bailout Laws

[Bloomberg] German Taboo-Busting Greek Exit Idea Sows Division With France

[Bloomberg] Greece Needs $25 Billion to Get Through August, Scicluna Says

[Bloomberg] Greece Deal on Bailout Unlikely Today, Euro Ministers Say

[FoxNews] Germany reportedly preparing for Greece exit from eurozone

[Reuters] "Kindergarten" as weary euro ministers divide over Greece

[Reuters] Highlights-Euro zone leaders summit on Greece

[Reuters] Greece needs to do more to start third bailout talks: Eurogroup draft

[Bloomberg] Schaeuble Greek Exit Idea Gets Qualified Nod From Merkel Deputy

[FT] France and Germany split over bid to break Greece deadlock

[WSJ] Greek Deal Prospects Slim as Crisis Talks Continue

[NYT] Eurozone Leaders to Meet on Greece, After Finance Officials Hit Impasse

[Reuters] Luxembourg Warns Germany of 'Fatal' Consequences of a Grexit

[FT] Greek politicians accuse EU hardliners of blocking deal

[Reuters] Angry at Demands, Greeks Rail at German 'Humiliation'

[Washington Post] 5 key things to understand about Greece’s crisis and what’s next

[FT] Stock market rescue places China’s renminbi reform under threat