Monday, December 9, 2019

Monday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall Street drops after weak Chinese data; Tariff deadline looms

[Reuters] Stocks whacked as China export decline highlights trade war damage

[CNBC] Paul Volcker, the Carter-Reagan Fed chairman who beat inflation, dies at age 92

[Reuters] China says hopes it can reach trade agreement with U.S. as soon as possible

[UK Guardian] China tells government offices to remove all foreign computer equipment

[Reuters] Swelling U.S. IPO backlog points to crowded 2020 field

[Reuters] Japan upgrades third-quarter GDP as consumer, business strength absorbs hit from trade

[Reuters] Trump says Kim Jong Un risks losing 'everything' after North Korea claims major test

[Bloomberg] Repo Girds for Next Test as BIS, El-Erian Examine Crunch Causes

[Bloomberg] Beijing Orders Removal of Foreign Tech in State Offices, FT Says

[Bloomberg] China’s Latest Bond Scare Casts Doubt on a $1.3 Trillion Market

[Bloomberg] Japanification Is the Scourge Threatening to Go Global in 2020

[Bloomberg] North Korea Blasts Trump ‘Old, Erratic’ as Rhetoric Heats Up

[NYT] Paul A. Volcker, Fed Chairman Who Waged War on Inflation, Is Dead at 92

[NYT] Trump Cripples W.T.O. as Trade War Rages

[WSJ] As Tariff Deadline Looms, Investors’ Other Worries Fade Away

[WSJ] Investors Gird for Year-End Turmoil in Cash Markets

[WSJ] Junk Bonds Set for Pain if Economic Pessimists Are Right

[FT] Hedge funds key in exacerbating repo market turmoil, says BIS

[FT] New York Fed’s latest repo auction met with strong demand