Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] S&P nears record as bank, tech stocks climb

[Reuters] U.S. job openings hover at record highs in June

[Reuters] Record U.S. 1-month bill supply sold at lower demand

[CNBC] 20% interest rates, crashing capital markets: Trump's sanctions causing turmoil in Turkey

[Reuters] Elon Musk considers taking Tesla private in tweet, shares rise

[Reuters] Trump says firms doing business in Iran to be barred from U.S. as sanctions hit

[UK Guardian] Turkey under pressure to raise interest rates as economic crisis looms

[WSJ] Bankruptcy Filings Surge Among Older Americans

[WSJ] China Uses Lower-Profile Swaps Market to Bolster Yuan

[FT] China’s Belt and Road projects drive overseas debt fears

[FT] Saudi Arabia’s furious attack on Canada shocks western allies

[FT] Turkey: how investors turned on Erdogan

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] China bounce pushes world shares toward six-month high

[Reuters] Dollar posts biggest drop in a week as rally fades

[Reuters] Turkey's lira, bonds hit again on U.S. trade threat, central bank worries

[Reuters] Chinese state newspaper says Trump's claims of winning trade war are 'wishful thinking'

[CNBC] Apple could be used as a 'bargaining chip' in the trade war, Chinese state media warns

[CNBC] Beijing 'will not surrender' to US 'trade blackmail,' Chinese media says

[BloombergQ] Turkey Replaces Argentina as Worst Market for Bond Investors

[CNBC] The US and India are squaring off on trade. That spells trouble for Modi

[BloombergSub] Liquidity Crunch Is the New Bubble Gripping Credit Investors

[BloombergSub] Faster Euro-Area Wages Signal Inflation Will Return, ECB Says

[NYT] No, Tariffs Aren’t Going to Pay Down the National Debt

[NYT] The Stock Market’s Next $1 Trillion Milestone: Buybacks

[WSJ] The Unseen Risk in the Booming Loan Market