Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Wednesday's News Links

[Reuters] China stocks drop again, positive data shrugged off

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Decline as More Chinese Stocks End Trading Halts

[Bloomberg] Treasuries Fall as Yellen Says Fed Set to Raise Rates This Year

[Bloomberg] Fed Doesn’t See Bond Liquidity Problems, Sees Moderate Risks

[UK Guardian] Make-or-break moment as Greek MPs prepare to vote on austerity proposals

[Bloomberg] ECB Awaits Athens Signal as Greek Banks Held in Limbo

[Reuters] Greek Civil Servants, Pharmacists Strike Against Bailout Reforms

[Reuters] Greece Latest-Germany: there must not be a Greek haircut via the backdoor

[NYT] I.M.F.’s Insistence on Greek Debt Relief Adds to Complexity of Talks

[NYT] The I.M.F. Is Telling Europe the Euro Doesn’t Work

[FT] Brussels proposes using EU-wide rescue fund to help Greece

[FT] IMF hesitates over bending its rules for Greece again

[Reuters] Asian shares pare gains as China markets slump

[Reuters] China growth beats forecasts at 7 percent as activity picks up

[Bloomberg] Bank of Japan Keeps Record Stimulus, Trims Inflation Outlook

[Bloomberg] China P2P Lenders in Cross Hairs as Regulators Curb Share Loans

[WSJ] Beijing’s Maneuvers Disenchant Global Investors

[Bloomberg] Protests Rage in Tokyo as Abe’s Security Bills Head to Vote

[Reuters] Ukraine, rebels report deadliest fighting in over a month

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Kicks Off Bailout Pitch with Math Already in Question

[WSJ] IMF Warns Eurozone That Greece Needs Far More Debt Relief

[CNBC] Greek PM Tsipras: I don't believe in this deal from vindictive lenders

[NYT] International Monetary Fund Proposed Greek Debt Relief

Greece: Revolt Over Austerity Deal Reaches Cabinet

[Bloomberg] BlackRock Sees 40% Haircut in Puerto Rico Debt Restructuring

[Bloomberg] It’s Gotten Pretty Darn Easy to Get a Car Loan