Sunday, November 6, 2022

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Equities Lead Risk-On Lunge as Midterm Week Begins: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China’s Yuan Resumes Fall on Easing Reopening Bets, PBOC Support

[Reuters] Oil stable below $100/bbl as market balances Chinese data

[Reuters] Apple warns of hit to iPhone shipments from Chinese COVID disruptions

[Reuters] How the U.S. midterms could ripple through the stock market

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Treasury Buyers Like GOP While Dollar Bulls Favor Democrats

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] The US Northeast Is Hurtling Toward a Winter Heating Crisis

[Reuters] China's exports, imports shrink as COVID curbs, global slowdown jolt demand

[Reuters] China's COVID resurgence spurs new curbs, Foxconn imposes restrictions

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Covid Cases Jump to Six-Month High as Outbreaks Flare

[Reuters] China reports 5,643 new COVID cases for Nov 6 vs 4,610 a day earlier

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Zelenskiy Accuses Iran of Aggravating War Impact

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Billions in Capital Calls Threaten to Wreak Havoc on Global Stocks, Bonds

[Reuters] Analysis: Twitter's 'massive' revenue drop adds to heavy debt burden

[Reuters] Analysis: Runaway prices have central Europe on the ropes

[Reuters] COP27: We're on a highway to climate hell, U.N. boss says

[Reuters] North Korea says launches were simulated attack, as South recovers missile parts

[Reuters] North Korea slams South Korea-U.S. drills, vows 'merciless' moves

[Reuters] British minister to meet Taiwan president, drawing China's anger

[Bloomberg] Even Central Banks Are Buying Gold for the Zombie Apocalypse

[Bloomberg] The Shadow Is Born: How the Fed Helped Spawn a $23.7 Trillion Market

[Bloomberg] Is China About to End Covid Zero? Here’s What We Know Right Now

[Bloomberg] Why Japan Is Gearing Up for Possible War With China

[WSJ] China Weighs Zero-Covid Exit But Proceeds With Caution and Without Timeline

[FT] US stock hedging strategies offer little respite from sell-off

[FT] Chinese exports fall for first time since 2020

[FT] China becomes top exporter to Russia as sanctions hit Moscow’s trade with EU

Sunday Evening Links

[CNBC] Dow futures slide 200 points as investors await midterm elections and inflation report

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Risk Currencies Slump as China Vows to Stick With Covid Zero

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Markets Set for More Volatility as Covid-Zero Stays 

[AP] Kyiv prepares for a winter with no heat, water or power

[Reuters] Jeremy Hunt set to outline 60 billion pounds in tax rises and spending cuts, the Guardian reports

[Reuters] Iran lawmakers demand severe punishment for 'rioters' as protests rage

Sunday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Inflation to Pose Fresh Test for Powell’s Fed: Eco Week Ahead

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Peak in Bond Yields That Appeared Close Has Vanished From Sight

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Markets Set for More Volatility as Covid-Zero Policy Stays

[Reuters] China posts 6-month high COVID count as it sticks with strategy

[Reuters] Analysis: For China's COVID policy, change comes in small increments

[Reuters] Ukraine's Russian-held Nova Kakhovka dam damaged in shelling -Russian media

[Reuters] UK government faces tough budget decisions, says minister

[Bloomberg] China’s Guangzhou Warns of Covid-Spread Risks as Cases Climb

[Bloomberg] Global Warming Turned 2022 Into a ‘Chronicle of Climate Chaos’

[WSJ] Raising Money on Wall Street Hasn’t Been This Hard in a Decade

[WSJ] Last Eight Years Were the Warmest in Modern Times, U.N. Body Says

[WSJ] Epic Housing Booms Meet Their Match in Australia, Canada, New Zealand

[FT] Beijing quashes market rumours of quicker end to zero-Covid policy

[FT] Europe is learning that you can’t separate trade and politics