Thursday, July 30, 2020

Friday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Drop as Energy Selloff Outweighs Tech Rally: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Dollar Suffers Its Worst Month in a Decade

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Gold Sets Fresh Record Heading for Best Month in Eight Years

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bond Yields Are Sending a Scary Signal on Stocks

[CNBC] Congress fails to agree on the next coronavirus stimulus deal as $600-a-week unemployment benefits expire

[Reuters] U.S. consumer spending rises for second straight month in June

[Reuters] The U.S. election is getting ugly - and investors are getting nervous

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Carmakers Borrow Industry-Leading $132 Billion to Weather Covid-19

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: U.S. cases jump by 67,000; Sanofi, GSK nab $2.1 billion in vaccine deal

[Reuters] China's factories accelerate recovery in July as demand perks up

[Reuters] Coronavirus may cost Latin America and Caribbean a decade: ECLAC

[CNN] Hong Kong postpones legislative elections for a year over coronavirus fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] French Economy Suffers Record Slump

[Reuters] Spain dives into deep recession, tourism woes bode ill for rebound

[Reuters] Portugal's GDP slumps 14.1% in second quarter, biggest contraction ever recorded

[Bloomberg] Xi Speeds Up China’s Inward Economic Pivot in More Hostile World

[Bloomberg] Remdesivir Gets Lukewarm Endorsement From Experts in Covid Fight

[WSJ] Big Tech’s Embarrassment of Riches

[FT] Investors in gold and investors in bonds cannot both be right

[FT] US companies cling to share buybacks despite collapse in profits

[FT] Hope will not save US commercial properties

Thursday Evening Links

[CNBC] Stocks are set to jump Friday after tech giants post strong earnings, Nasdaq futures gain nearly 1%

[Reuters] S&P dips on worries about earnings, data, stimulus and election

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Spot Gold Snaps Nine-Day Rally That Saw Metal Rise to a Record

[Reuters] Oil sinks on weak U.S. economic data, political uncertainty

[Reuters] Deal on U.S. coronavirus aid bill elusive as jobless benefit nears expiration

[Reuters] Factbox - High-frequency data sources for tracking the U.S. pandemic economy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Seth Klarman Says Fed Is Infantilizing Investors in ‘Surreal’ Market

Thursday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall St. falls after grim data; Trump suggests election delay

[CNBC] Coronavirus relief deal looks elusive in Congress as U.S. economy craters

[Reuters] Trump floats idea of delaying election, congressional Republicans reject idea

[Reuters] What would it take to postpone the U.S. presidential election?

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Herman Cain dies after battle with virus; McDonald’s seeks advice from Mayo Clinic

[Reuters] Pompeo insists China 'tide is turning' at contentious U.S. Senate hearing

[Bloomberg] Xi Calls for Deeper Reform to Escape ‘Grave’ Economic Conditions

[WSJ] Republicans and Democrats Find a Point of Agreement: Big Tech Is Too Powerful

[FT] China fires warning shot to UK over ‘cold war’ with Beijing