Monday, April 27, 2020

Tuesday's News Links

[CNBC] Stocks add to Monday’s gains with Dow futures up more than 300 points

[CNBC] Oil pares losses after falling more than 21% in early trading

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Stay-at-home stocking up boosts earnings, US cases near 1 million

[CNBC] Home prices were gaining serious strength just before coronavirus shutdown, up 4.2% annually per Case-Shiller

[Yahoo] The Conference Board Consumer Confidence Index Weakened Significantly in April

[Reuters] Brazilians divided on impeachment of President Bolsonaro: poll

[Reuters] Russia sees record rise in coronavirus cases, deaths

[Bloomberg] No Junk Debt Is Too Risky: How Fed’s Bailout Changed Everything

[Bloomberg] NYC Bondholders Pricing In Downgrades on Worst Crisis in Decades

[Bloomberg] Virus Likely to Keep Coming Back Each Year, Say Top Chinese Scientists

[Bloomberg] Australia Is Heading Into Its Deepest Downturn in Almost 100 Years

[Bloomberg] Lira Defense Drains Reserves Faster Than Turkey Refills Them

[Bloomberg] China Calls U.S. Trade Adviser Navarro ‘Liar’ on Hoarding Claim

[WSJ] Pandemic Triggers a Wave of Distress, Bankruptcy in Corporate America

[WSJ] Companies Are Suspending Dividends at Fastest Pace in Years

[WSJ] Junk Bonds Bounce Back, Raising Hopes—and Concerns

[FT] Five things to watch at the Federal Reserve meeting this week

[FT] Why China’s smaller businesses are struggling to access credit

[FT] The self-destruction of the ‘Tropical Trump’

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] U.S. stocks advance as some states reopen for business

[MarketWatch] U.S. oil price drops nearly 25% to finish below $13 a barrel

[Reuters] U.S. Fed extends help to smaller cities and counties

[CNBC] The Fed won’t move on rates this week, but here are some other things it could do

[Reuters] U.S. Senate Republican leader sees further aid for states, cities

[AXIOS] Coronavirus breaks the food supply chain

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Texas to lift restrictions this week, SF extends shelter in place through May

[AP] Virus is expected to reduce meat selection and raise prices

[Reuters] Nearly 7% of U.S. mortgage borrowers receiving payment relief, industry survey shows

[AP] Digital-ad downturn may complicate life for Google, Facebook

[AP] Is Brazil the next big hot spot as other nations ease up?

[FT] China’s biggest bank halts investment in products linked to oil

[WSJ] Fed Will Broaden Municipal Lending Program Eligibility

[WSJ] The Reach for Yield Survives Coronavirus Market Shock

Monday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall Street gathers steam as U.S. states prepare to reopen

[AP] Questions swirl as Fed meets amid deepening economic crisis

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: New poll finds outsized impact in New Jersey, governor warns of ‘Armageddon’ scenario

[Reuters] China asks banks to halt new sales of products that may lead to unlimited losses: sources

[Reuters] Trump slams cities, states seeking U.S. aid to offset coronavirus losses

[CNBC] NJ governor says the state needs more federal assistance to avoid an ‘Armageddon’ scenario

[Reuters] Brazil economic outlook darkens as Citi predicts 'worst annual contraction ever'

[Reuters] Global coronavirus cases pass three million as lockdowns begin to ease

[UK Guardian] Major US meat producer warns 'food supply chain is breaking'

[Bloomberg] Oil ETF Wreaks Havoc on Crude Market in Wake of Sub-Zero Prices

[WSJ] The Federal Reserve Is Changing What It Means to Be a Central Bank