Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Havens Jump Amid North Korea Threats; Stocks Slide: Markets

[Bloomberg] South Korea Stocks, Won Drop After Trump's `Fire, Fury' Warning

[Reuters] Yen hits 8-week high vs dollar on latest bout of Korean tensions

[Bloomberg] U.S. Productivity Gains Accelerate While Pace Remains Tepid

[Bloomberg] Ten Years of Firefighting Leaves ECB Poised to Exit Stimulus

[Bloomberg] China Factory Inflation Holds Up on Steady Demand, Capacity Cuts

[Bloomberg] With $1 Trillion Chasing Deals, Investors Park Cash in ETFs

[CNBC] Increasing 'danger of miscalculation' on the Korean Peninsula, former CIA official says

[Bloomberg] What War Between North Korea and the U.S. Might Look Like: Quicktake Q&A

[FT] Bond investors ponder implications of growing US budget deficit

[WSJ] North Korea Threat Comes After Trump Vows ‘Fire and Fury’

[NYT] In the Age of Trump, the Dollar No Longer Seems a Sure Thing

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Fall on Trump Threat as Haven Assets Climb: Markets Wrap

Bloomberg] Trump Headline Sticks This Time as S&P 500 Falls Most in Month

[Bloomberg] China Is Taking on the ‘Original Sin’ of Its Mountain of Debt

[Bloomberg] Risk Premiums on Subprime Auto Debt Are Sinking Near Record Lows

[Bloomberg] Shepherdson Nervous About Everything, Sees Market Tipping Point

[Bloomberg] Dimon Sides With Bears, Says Sovereign Bonds Are Too Pricey

[Bloomberg] California, Once Compared to Greece, Is Now Trading Better Than AAA

[Reuters] Trump warns North Korea will be met with 'fire and fury' if threatens U.S.

[CNBC] North Korea makes a nuclear weapon that can fit in its missiles, US intelligence says

[WSJ] Trump to North Korea: U.S. Ready to Respond With ‘Fire and Fury’