Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] China’s Stocks Extend Bear-Market Rout to Lowest Levels in Three Months

[Reuters] Puerto Rico governor calls for bankruptcy; adviser says island 'insolvent'

[NYT, Eavis] Loads of Debt: A Global Ailment With Few Cures

[Reuters] Puerto Rico's Deepening Crisis Threatens High-Yield U.S. Funds

[Bloomberg] Euro Plunges With S&P 500 Futures on Greece; China Set for Bear

[Bloomberg] Tsipras Says European Leaders Won’t Dare Kick Greece Out of Euro

[Bloomberg] Abe Tackles World's Heaviest Debt Burden

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Will Seek to Suspend Debt Payments in Restructuring

[Bloomberg] Citigroup Overtakes JPMorgan as Top U.S. Derivatives Dealer

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] European Stocks Head for Worst Drop of 2015 With Greece on Edge

[Reuters] European banks, bonds shaken by Greek turmoil

[Reuters] Spanish, Italian government borrowing costs jump as Grexit fears spread

[Reuters] China stocks slide despite calming efforts

[Reuters] U.S. futures fall as Greek crisis worsens

[Bloomberg] ECB’s Reaction Seen Crucial to Keep Markets Stable on Greece

[Bloomberg] European Banks Erase $56 Billion as Greece Edges Toward Exit

[Bloomberg] Credit Risk Gauges in Europe Rise by Most Since Lehman on Greece

[MarketWatch] Puerto Rico governor says debts 'not payable': report

[NYT, Irwin] The Next Few Days Have the Potential to Transform Greece and Europe

[NYT] Panic Sets in Among Hardy Hedge Fund Investors Remaining in Greece

[Reuters/NYT] Greece's Wary Neighbors Hope Bank Crisis Doesn't Come Their Way

[Bloomberg] Merkel and Hollande Turn Away From Greece

[Bloomberg] Greek Ties to Bulgarian Banks Spur a Bond Rout as Contagion Spreads

[Bloomberg] Black Swan Dangers May Lurk in Emerging Markets Amid Greece Risk

[Bloomberg] Here's What Analysts Are Saying About Greece

[Reuters] Puerto Rico needs debt restructuring, reforms: economists' report

[FT] Explainer: Puerto Rico’s debt problems

[WSJ] China’s Debt Bomb

[WSJ] We’re Losing the Cyber War