Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Thursday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Rally Fizzles as Banking Woes Linger: Markets Wrap 

[Reuters] Credit Suisse's $54 bln lifeline gives global banks tentative respite

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bank Stock Rally Fizzles as Credit Suisse Optimism Fades

[CNBC] First Republic falls 25% as regional bank stocks continue to sink

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Credit Suisse Default Swaps Drop After Central Bank’s Liquidity Pledge

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Hovers Near 15-Month Low After Banking Crisis Roils Market

[Reuters] ECB pushes through 50 bps rate hike despite market turmoil

[Reuters] U.S. weekly jobless claims fall more than expected

[Reuters] U.S. single-family housing starts, building permits rebound in February

[Reuters] On the precipice: How Credit Suisse's day of drama unfolded

[Reuters] Bank of England in emergency talks as Credit Suisse crisis deepens - Telegraph

[Reuters] First Republic Bank weighing options including sale - Bloomberg News

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: US Releases Video of Russian Jet Clipping Drone

[AP] US releases video of Russian jet dumping fuel on its drone

[Reuters] Factbox: Credit Suisse's troubles - spies, money laundering and central bank cash

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] JPMorgan Says Fed’s Loans Will Provide $2 Trillion of Liquidity

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Home Prices Rise First Time in 18 Months After Stimulus

[MSN/WP] With Russia Visit, Xi Pursues Effort to Upend U.S.-Led World Order

[AP] With Saudi deals, US, China battle for influence in Mideast

[AP] Japan, South Korea renew ties at Tokyo summit

[WSJ] Why Top Washington Officials Chose to Rescue SVB, Signature Depositors

[WSJ] Easy Loans, Great Service: Why Silicon Valley Loved Silicon Valley Bank

[FT] Silicon Valley Bank collapse exposes fresh divisions over US banking reform

[FT] Credit Suisse to borrow up to $54bn from Swiss central bank

[FT] China bond trades hit by suspension of pricing data

Wednesday Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Traders Dash for Cover as Bank Drama Rattles Globe: Markets Wrap

[AP] Bank fears spread to Europe, drag down shares of big lenders

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Bank Stocks Sink as Credit Suisse Fear Spurs Renewed Rout

[Reuters] Swiss central bank throws financial lifeline to Credit Suisse after shares pummelled 

[Reuters] Swiss central bank pledges to back Credit Suisse

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Milley Declines to Call Drone Downing Act of War

[AP] US and Russia ratchet up rhetoric over downing of drone

[AP] Bank runs used to be slow. The digital era sped them up

[Reuters] Americans are wary of bailouts as banking concerns mount -Reuters/Ipsos

[Yahoo Finance] A bank failure, a panic, and a race to close on a home

[Reuters] Russia-Ukraine war: US general says drone crash part of Moscow's increasing aggression

[Reuters] Exclusive: Tons of uranium missing from Libyan site, IAEA tells member states

[NYT] Markets Shudder as Bank Fears Go Global

[WSJ] Market Stress Snarls Trading in U.S. Treasurys

[WSJ] Bank Failures, Market Turmoil Fuel Bets on a Pause in Fed Interest-Rate Increases

[FT] Swiss central bank offers Credit Suisse liquidity backstop

[FT] Turbulence strains interest rate markets as traders bet on Federal Reserve cuts

[FT] Market tremors test European banks once more

Wednesday Afternoon Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street Frets Over Bank ‘Dominoes’ in Wild Day: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Wall Street tumbles as Credit Suisse sparks fresh bank selloff

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Bank Stocks Slump as Credit Suisse Fear Spurs Renewed Selloff

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed Traders Price In 100 Basis Points of Rate Cuts From May Peak

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil’s Tumble to 15-Month Low Accelerated by Algos, Options Moves

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Treasury Says It’s Monitoring Credit Suisse Situation

[Reuters] Credit Suisse stock slump triggers close monitoring by regulators

[Reuters] Kremlin: relations with US in dire state amid drone incident

[Reuters] Moscow warns U.S. aircraft away from its air space after drone crash

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Russia Trying to Retrieve Crashed US Spy Drone

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Credit Suisse Crisis Crushes a Favorite Investor Trade of 2023

[Bloomberg] Dash for Cash by Banks Fuels Signs of Tension in Funding Markets

[Bloomberg] 72 Hours in Washington: How the Frenzied SVB Rescue Took Shape

[WSJ] How Washington Decided to Rescue Silicon Valley Bank’s Depositors

[FT] SVB collapse shows need for stronger financial ‘guardrails’, says SEC chair