Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Collapsing bond yields push world stocks to new highs

[Reuters] German 10-year bond yield below ECB deposit rate for first time

[CNBC] Trump tweet sparks concerns that the US may raise tariffs on Europe

[Reuters] China says existing U.S. tariffs must be removed for a trade deal

[Reuters] Chinese state media says 'Western ideologues' to blame for Hong Kong unrest

[Reuters] Trump tells Iran threats 'can come back to bite you' in nuclear standoff

[Bloomberg] China and U.K. Escalate Their War of Words Over Hong Kong

[Bloomberg] Billionaire’s Detention Rocks His Chinese Real Estate Empire

[Bloomberg] Easy Money Won't Keep China Bond Bulls Happy for Long

[NYT] Trump’s Decision to Tap Shelton Creates Political Risk for the Fed

[WSJ] Global Bond Party Bypasses China

[WSJ] Lagarde’s First Job as ECB Boss: Sway Germany

[FT] Beijing tightens its grip on the periphery

[FT] Hunt sharpens warning to China over Hong Kong

Wednesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Major averages close at record highs on dovish Fed hopes

[Reuters] Global stock markets, bonds rally in expectation of rate cuts

[AP] Trump says US should start manipulating the dollar

[Reuters] Trump repeats call for U.S. to play 'currency manipulation game'

[Reuters] Trump officials say U.S.-China trade talks to resume next week

[Reuters] Lagarde Has Investors Betting on Easy Money for Europe

[Bloomberg] Be ‘Prepared for Anything’ as Trump Slams Europe, China on FX