Monday, May 2, 2016

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Slide on Lackluster Growth as Yen Gains; Treasuries Rise

[Reuters] Global stocks slide as yen, euro gains question policy thrust

[Bloomberg] Brazil Real Declines Amid Intervention as Emerging Markets Slump

[Reuters] Puerto Rico Defaults on Principal of $422 Million Debt Payment

[Bloomberg] Chinese Stocks in Hong Kong Fall Most in Five Weeks on Insurers

[Bloomberg] China's Caixin PMI Slips in April as Pockets of Weakness Remain

[Bloomberg] Freddie Mac Won't Pay Treasury Dividend After $354 Million Loss

[Bloomberg] Hedge Funds Under Attack as Steve Cohen Says Talent Is Thin

[Reuters] Steven Cohen: hedge fund crowding caused major February loss

[Bloomberg] The Super Rich Were the First to Bail During the Financial Crisis

[Bloomberg] Australia's Central Bank Cuts Rates to Record Low

[Reuters] China's banking regulator moves to contain off-balance sheet risk

[Bloomberg] China Clamps Down on Tool for Banks to Report Lower Bad Loans

[Reuters] China statistics bureau halts some commodities data amid probe

[Reuters] China home prices grow faster in April despite tightening in big cities

[FT] China financial regulator clamps down on shadow banking

[ABC] Puerto Rico Debt Crisis: Everything You Need to Know

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Warns of More Defaults After Missing May Payment

[Bloomberg] Hedge Fund Fees Slammed at Milken as Investors Join Buffett

[CNBC] Gold's surge is making it feel a lot like late 2007

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Will Default on Bank Debt as Crisis Intensifies

[Bloomberg] Gold Rallies Above $1,300 as Investors Like Low Interest Rates

[Bloomberg] Euro Strengthens to More Than $1.15 for First Time Since August

[Bloomberg] Brazilian Real Leads Losses as Central Bank Extends Intervention

[Bloomberg] Wrong-Way Bets Rule U.S. Stock Market's $3 Trillion Recovery

[Bloomberg] Growth at American Manufacturers Cools as Challenges Persist

[WSJ] This Tech Bubble Is Bursting

[Reuters] Goldman targets 'mass affluent' borrowers with unusual lending plan

[FT] US banks sound caution on commercial property loans

[Bloomberg] The Real Story Behind the U.S. Dollar's Decline

[Reuters] BOJ sees little reason to act when households aren't listening

[Reuters] China new loan surge does not augur massive stimulus: Xinhua commentary

[WSJ] In China, the New Casino Is Iron Ore

[NYT] China Lending Inflates Real Estate, Stocks, Even Egg Futures

[Bloomberg] Spanish Politics Enters Uncharted Waters as Election Looms