Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Evening Links

[Reuters] Three major indexes end at records for first time since 1999

[Reuters] Wall St. banks ask Fed for 5 more years to comply with Volcker rule

[Bloomberg] UBS: China's Already Started Bailing Out its Banks

[Bloomberg] Negative Rates for the People Arrive as German Bank Gives In

[Bloomberg] Swimming Spat to Soured Deals Put Chill on China-Aussie Ties

[WSJ] Home Equity Loans Come Back to Haunt Borrowers, Banks

[Reuters] Russia announces war games after accusing Ukraine of terrorist plot

[Bloomberg] Russia Warns of ‘Consequences’ After Deaths as Ukraine on Alert

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] S&P 500 Rises as Europe Shares Approach Pre-Brexit on Earnings

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Fall From One-Year High as Commodity Shares Decline

[Bloomberg] Insider Buying Evaporates With S&P 500 Near Fresh All-Time High

[Bloomberg] Brexit Hits U.K. Housing as Sales Decline Most Since 2008

[Reuters] German economy lost growth momentum in Q2: economy ministry

[Bloomberg] Pitfalls of Global Hunt for Yield Highlighted in Mongolia Crisis

[Bloomberg] China’s $15 Billion Energy Ambitions Crushed Within Two Weeks

[Bloomberg] U.S. Drillers Need $60 Oil to Stage Real Comeback, IEA Say

[WSJ] Lopsided Housing Rebound Leaves Millions of People Out in the Cold

[Reuters] U.S. mutual funds boost own performance with unicorn mark-ups

[FT] New money raised by equity ETFs drops 85%

[FT] Passive funds grow 230% to $6tn

[WSJ] As Rental Supply Grows, Landlords Negotiate

[Reuters] China says new satellite will help safeguard interests at sea: China Daily

[Bloomberg] Ukraine Warns Putin Crimea Accusations Will Widen Conflict

[Reuters] Putin accuses Ukraine of trying to provoke a new conflict over Crimea