Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday Evening Links

[CNBC] Dow futures fall more than 100 points as Wall Street takes a breather after last week’s gains

[Reuters] Oil drops further, U.S. futures at lows not seen since 2001

[Reuters] Coronavirus relief deal for U.S. small businesses may come Monday: Trump

[Straits Times] Singapore giant oil trader Hin Leong failed to declare $1.14 billion losses

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: US death toll surpasses 40,000, Cuomo says NY is ‘past the high point’ of cases

[Reuters] Italy PM calls for EU solidarity in support of coronabonds

[AP] Global health crisis pits economic against health concerns

[NAR] Singapore's coronavirus spike sends world a wake-up call

[Bloomberg] Fearful Banks Spurn Asia Commodity Traders in Credit Squeeze

[Bloomberg] India’s State Borrowers Are Crowding Out Cash-Strapped Companies

[Bloomberg] Warmest Oceans on Record Could Set Off a Year of Extreme Weather 

[NYT] America’s Biggest Cities Were Already Losing Their Allure. What Happens Next?

[WSJ] Bets Against the Stock Market Rise to Highest Level in Years

[FT] Creditors push back on G20 debt relief plea for emerging markets

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Pelosi says 'very close' to coronavirus funding deal

[CNBC] Coronavirus live updates: Pelosi says lawmakers are ‘very close’ to new rescue funding deal as US cases top 735,000

[MSN/Washington Post] Record government and corporate debt risks 'tipping point' after pandemic passes

[Reuters] Trump warns China could face consequences for virus outbreak

[CNN] Trump and governors are on a collision course over coronavirus testing

[Reuters] Europe needs at least 500 billion euros from EU institutions for recovery: ESM

[Reuters] Exclusive: Neiman Marcus to file for bankruptcy as soon as this week - sources

[Reuters] U.S. condemns arrests of Hong Kong democracy activists

[Bloomberg] India Virus Cases Surge as Nation Enters Fourth Week of Lockdown

[Bloomberg] Hin Leong Failed to Declare $800 Million Losses

[Bloomberg] Iran’s Central Bank Head Urges IMF to Approve Virus Loan

[Bloomberg] Trump Suggests China May Be ‘Knowingly Responsible’ for Virus

[WSJ] Citigroup Cutting Ties With Anthony Scaramucci’s Hedge Fund of Funds

[FT] Bolsonaro, Brazil and the coronavirus crisis in emerging markets

[FT] We are entering the new age of American austerity

[FT] Italy is in more danger than the eurozone will acknowledge

[FT] Why China is losing the coronavirus narrative