Monday, April 25, 2022

Tuesday's News Links

[AP] Russia pounds eastern Ukraine as West promises Kyiv new arms

[Reuters] Moscow cites risk of nuclear war as U.S., allies pledge heavier arms for Ukraine

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Austin Hosts Talks on Boosting Kyiv’s Military

[AP] Russia hits faraway targets; diplomat warns of risk of WWIII

[Reuters] Kremlin voices concern after blasts hit breakaway Moldovan region

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Fall After Gloomy Earnings Forecasts: Markets Wrap

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Fluctuates as Investors Weigh China’s Covid-19 Resurgence

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Industrial Metals Bounce as China Steps Up Support for Economy

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.S. Durable Goods Orders Rise on Resilient Business Spending

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Is Running Out of Ways to Stem Self-Made Market Meltdown

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Central Bank Seeks to Calm Markets with Support Pledge

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Skepticism Lingers in China’s Stock Market Amid Lockdown Risks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Covid Lockdowns Send China’s Economy Reeling as Outbreaks Spread

[Reuters] Beijing to test 20 million for COVID as lockdown jitters grow

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Builder Bonds Diverge as Offshore Creditors Lose Most

[Reuters] Russia's Lavrov: Do not underestimate threat of nuclear war

[MSN/NYT] Emboldened by Ukraine’s Grit, U.S. Wants to See Russia Weakened

[Reuters] Shrinking U.S. Stinger missile supply faces re-stocking challenges

[Reuters] IMF warns of 'stagflationary' risks in Asia, cuts growth outlook

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Commodity Traders Thrust Into the Spotlight as War Exposes Risks

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] IMF Urges Latin America to Address Inflation to Curb Unrest Risk

[Bloomberg] Four in Ten U.S. Small Businesses Plan to Raise Prices by at Least 10%

[Bloomberg] Russia Warns of Nuclear War Risk as Ukraine Talks Go On

[WSJ] Russia’s Lavrov Says NATO Is Using Ukraine as a Proxy, Warns Against World War III

[WSJ] China’s Xi Pushing to Beat the U.S. in GDP Growth Despite Covid Lockdowns

[FT] ‘At war with the whole world’ — why Putin might be eyeing a long conflict in Ukraine

[FT] China’s Covid booster campaign slows as staff redirected to mass testing

Monday's Evening Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Lavrov Warns of ‘Serious’ Danger of Nuclear War

[Reuters] Russia seeks to reduce existing "serious" risks of nuclear war - Lavrov

[AP] Russia hits rail and fuel targets far from the eastern front

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil slumps 4% as Shanghai lockdowns stoke demand fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Cross-Asset Volatility Spikes All Over the World on Growth Fears

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Rumbling in Options Market Is Sound of Traders Rushing to Hedge

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] China Politburo Under Pressure to Help Economy as Covid Spreads

[MSN/Washington Examiner] Russian explosions point to Ukraine's embrace of the British special forces model

[Bloomberg] Global Supply Chain Crisis Flares Up Again Where It All Began

[WSJ] Beijing Orders Citywide Covid-19 Testing as Fears of Lockdown Spark Panic-Buying

[FT] ECB executive calls for clampdown on ‘lawless frenzy’ of crypto trading

Monday Afternoon Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: U.S. Sees Major Depletion of Russian Hardware

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rebound Ahead of Big Tech Earnings Week: Markets Wrap

[AP] Beijing to mass-test most of city as COVID-19 cases mount

[MSN/Guardian] Covid lockdown fears spark panic buying in Beijing as largest district begins mass testing

[MNS/WSJ] U.S. Wants to See Russia Weakened, Says Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin After Ukraine Visit

[MSN/NYT] How Blinken and Austin Entered Ukraine Despite Security Risks

[Reuters] NATO warships arrive at Finnish port for training exercises

[Reuters] Putin accuses West of 'terror', tells prosecutors to be tough

[Reuters] Russia investigates large oil depot fire in region near Ukraine

[Bloomberg] Bitcoin’s ‘Stuck at the Moment’ as Record Cash Flees Crypto ETFs

[NYT] Covid Lockdowns Revive the Ghosts of a Planned Economy