Sunday, August 7, 2022

Monday's News Links

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Stocks Rise as Traders Assess Fed Hikes: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Dollar edges lower as currency markets pull back on Friday's moves

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Endures Choppy Start to Week With Demand Concern to the Fore

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Yen Shorts Crumble as 2022’s Hottest FX Trade Comes to an End

[CNBC] Consumers’ expectations of future inflation decreased significantly in win for the Federal Reserve

[Reuters] Wait and see: U.S. companies curb investment as they await Fed moves

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street Strategists Say Stocks Rally at Odds With Profit Outlook

[Reuters] China announces fresh military drills around Taiwan

[MSN/WSJ] China’s Military Exercises Showcase Modern Fighting Force Preparing for Possible War in the Taiwan Strait

[MSN/NYT] After China’s Military Spectacle, Options Narrow for Winning Over Taiwan

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Third Port Reopens, Call for Nuclear Plant Zone

[Reuters] 'Storm is gathering' - Singapore PM warns of risk of U.S.-China miscalculation

[CNN] Covid lockdown strands 80,000 tourists in 'China's Hawaii'

[Reuters] China reports 940 new COVID cases for Aug 7 vs 868 a day earlier

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] German Power Rises to Record as Heat Wave Scorches Europe

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Europe Braces for Extreme Heat as Power Infrastructure Wobbles

[WSJ] Weak Growth, Tight Job Markets Are a Global Phenomenon

[FT] Investors swarm back to corporate bond ETFs

[FT] China extends military drills around Taiwan and ramps up propaganda

[FT] Dangerous fatalism about a US-China war

Sunday Evening Links

[CNBC] Stock futures dip following S&P 500′s third winning week in a row

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Oil Extends 10% Weekly Tumble as Demand Concerns Spur Caution

[Reuters] U.S. Senate passes major $430 billion bill to fight climate change, cut drug costs

[AP] Shift in war’s front seen as grain leaves Ukraine; plant hit

[Reuters] Temperatures rise as France tackles its worst drought on record

[FT] Chinese aircraft simulate attack on Taiwan’s main island

[FT] ECB injects billions of euros into weaker eurozone debt markets

[FT] Carmakers face fierce battle for lithium until 2030, warns top producer

[FT] Alarm mounts in western capitals over Turkey’s deepening ties with Russia

Sunday's News Links

[CNBC] Fed Governor Bowman sees ‘similarly sized’ rate hikes ahead after three-quarter point moves

[MSN/WP] China expands military drills, escalates threats against Taiwan

[Reuters] Chinese and Taiwanese warships eye each other as drills due to end

[Reuters] China's export growth gains steam despite weakening global demand

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Ukraine Latest: Area Around Nuclear Plant Shelled for Second Day

[Reuters] Ukraine says worker wounded in new Russian strike on Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant

[Yahoo Finance] Inflation: Why Mohamed El-Erian is concerned about 'collateral damage'

[AsiaMarkets] Middle class rising: How China Evergrande has propelled social unrest

[Bloomberg] The Most Americans Since 2008 Say Economy Is Getting Worse

[WSJ] Investors Brace for More Market Volatility as Earnings Estimates Slump

[WSJ] Advertising Slowdown Spreads Beyond Tech Giants to Hit TV Networks, Publishers

[WSJ] Food Price Inflation Imposing Heavy Burden on Poorer Countries

[WSJ] China’s War Games Showcase New Tools to Intimidate Taiwan

[FT] US allies rattled by China’s aggressive response to Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan visit