Sunday, September 13, 2015

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stocks Decline Amid Focus on Fed Rate Decision This Week

[Bloomberg] China's Stocks Decline Most in Three Weeks on Slowdown Concerns

[Bloomberg] Turkish Lira Slides to Record as Bank Stocks Drop on Citi Cut

[Bloomberg] Selloff of the Century Unending for Turkey as Goldman Cuts Lira

[Bloomberg] Depth Missing When Needed in $5.3 Trillion-a-Day Currency Market

[FT/CNBC] Fears grow over US stock market bubble

[WSJ, Yahoo] Wild Trading Exposed Flaws in ETFs

[Bloomberg] Fischer's 2014 Why-Wait Wisdom Points to Fed Liftoff This Week

[Reuters] China sells record FX in August, shows pressure after devaluation

[Bloomberg] China’s Yuan Positions Drop by Record Amid Defense of Currency

[Bloomberg] China, Brazil Among Emerging Markets at Risk of Banking Crisis

[Bloomberg] Investors Run From Bond-Fund Contrarians as Big Bets Fall Short

[FT] Why market volatility is growing more intense

[FT] FDI collapses across emerging markets amid economic slowdown

[Bloomberg] Sluggish China Output and Investment Signal More Stimulus

[Reuters] Exclusive: China seizes up to $157 billion of unspent local government budgets - sources

[Bloomberg] Greek Election Deadlock Beckons as Campaign Enters Last Week

[Bloomberg] Europe Fortifies Borders as Germany Predicts 1 Million Refugees

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] China Fixed-Asset Investment Tumbles to Lowest Since 2000

[Reuters] China banks' first-quarter capital outflow $109 billion, may persist: BIS

[Reuters] Worries over emerging markets deepening: BIS

[WSJ] BIS Highlights Trouble Spots for Global Economy

[FT] Stock sell-off reveals ‘major faultlines’ in economy, BIS says

[BBC] Migrant crisis: Germany to start temporary border controls

[CNBC] Why China's not the only one selling FX reserves

[WSJ] China Data Add to Doubts About Beijing’s Ability to Meet Growth Target

[Bloomberg] Dovish Central Banks Distort Bunds, Linkers, Mortgages, BIS Says

[Reuters] China unveils details of state-firm reform as growth sputters

[Reuters] Fed to dominate week of central bank meetings

[NYT] The Fed’s Policy Mechanics Retool for a Rise in Interest Rates

[Reuters] German carmakers party under China cloud

[FT] Germany’s export machine braced for China slowdown

[FT] Franklin Templeton suffers record outflows

[FT] Record percentage of Asian companies destroying shareholder value

[Bloomberg] China Official Says Hong Kong Chief Above Judiciary, Legislature

[Reuters] Russia's Lavrov says Moscow to continue military support of Syria: reports

[Reuters] Clashes, militant bombing, kill nine in southeast Turkey