Precision Nutrition

Jenny Noland, Functional Nutritionist, Integrative Oncology Specialist
I am forever indebted to Jenny, my wife and life partner. First of all, she puts up with me. More importantly, she ensures our loving family is healthy and on track (plus, she created my blog!) We share a common passion for trying to stay healthy - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  

Jenny has been on her journey to pursue her passion and has become a highly trained, licensed functional medicine clinical nutritionist, one of the few with triple board certifications as a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Nutritional Genomics Specialist, Ketogenic Nutrition Specialist, and Integrative Oncology Nutrition Specialist. Jenny is also currently training to earn her Doctor of Clinical Nutrition degree.

Jenny provides personalized holistic nutrition therapy to enhance metabolic function and optimize the outcome of cancer care by strengthening the digestive process, balancing hormones, improving cellular function, supporting detoxification, and applying lifestyle modifications.

Taking a comprehensive approach, Jenny has successfully guided hundreds of clients with complex chronic health issues to overcome their health challenges. 

I am so proud of Jenny. Please check out her Precision Nutrition website to learn more about her and her holistic nutrition therapy practice!