Saturday, June 25, 2016

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Middle Eastern Stocks Slump as Investors Weigh Brexit Fallout

[Bloomberg] Investors Map Post-Brexit Strategies Amid Global Market Upheaval

[Bloomberg] Quants, ETFs and Overweight Funds Hang Over Stocks on U.K. Vote

[Bloomberg] Brexit Adds $380 Billion to Global Negative-Yielding Bond Pile

[Reuters] 'Risky trinity' requires urgent global policy action, BIS says

[Bloomberg] Bank-Sovereign Doom Loop Requires Fiscal Response, BIS Says

[Bloomberg] Too-Easy Money Is Making It Too Hard to Gauge Markets, BIS Says

[AP] Germany's Merkel at center stage as EU faces Brexit fallout

[NYT] Britain Rattles Postwar Order and Its Place as Pillar of Stability

[NYT] Brexit’ in America: A Warning Shot Against Globalization

[Reuters] Spain votes to break political deadlock, far left set to rise

[Bloomberg] Spain Begins to Vote as Rajoy Confronts Podemos in Ballot

[Channel News Asia] Far left set to become a political force in Spain's election

[BBC] Nervous Greeks worry Brexit may lead to Grexit

[Reuters] Austrian far-right figure warns of 'Auxit' vote within a year

[UK Guardian] Brexit is a rejection of globalisation

[FT] UK political order in upheaval after Brexit referendum

[ABC] Tensions between China and Taiwan rise again over 'One China' policy

Saturday Evening Links

[Reuters] Investor George Soros calls for reconstruction of EU after 'Brexit' vote

[Reuters] Central banks ready to cooperate after Brexit result

[BBC] Spanish voters head back to polls in bid to break deadlock

[Reuters] Chinese insurers run "Titanic" risks for titanic returns

[Reuters] Ecuador says Brexit 'spoils' scheduled bond issue

[NYT, Morgenson] Countrywide Mortgage Devastation Lingers as Ex-Chief Moves On

[Reuters] Russia secures energy deals, talks security with China as Putin visits

Saturday's News Links

[Reuters] Founding EU members tell Britain: let's get this divorce done

[Bloomberg] U.K. Must Leave EU as Soon as Possible, EU Foreign Ministers Say

[Reuters] Scotland starts drive to stay in EU, independence option open: Sturgeon

[FT/CNBC] Six founding EU states meet in Berlin to discuss Brexit

[AP] Britain, EU at Odds Over Timing of Divorce Talks

[MarketWatch] Brexit’s Article 50: How 250 words could chart Britain’s future

[Der Spiegel] Brexit in Berlin: Merkel Sizes Up the Next EU Crisis

[Reuters] Brexit baffled punters, pundits and fund managers to the very end

[Bloomberg] Rajoy Tackles Podemos in Spanish Vote as Brexit Roils Europe

[MarketWatch] Brexit-sparked volatility will continue to weigh on U.S. stock market

[FT] Angela Merkel urges calm over calls for immediate Brexit

[FT] Global markets take $2tn Brexit hit

[WSJ] U.K. Faces Long Tussle Over Departure From European Union