Saturday, May 20, 2023

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Biden says Republican debt ceiling offer 'unacceptable,' to talk with McCarthy

[AP] Biden: GOP must move off ‘extreme’ positions, no debt limit deal solely on its ‘partisan terms’

[Politico] Debt ceiling talks break down and attacks escalate as deadline approaches

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Biden Seeks to Call McCarthy After Debt-Limit Talks Hit Impasse

[Reuters] White House, Republicans trade barbs as debt talks paused

[Yahoo Finance] Debt ceiling drama, retail earnings, Fed Minutes: What to know this week

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Bond Market Caught Between Fears of US Debt Default, Rate Hikes

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Corporate America Hit by Rate-Sticker Shock: Credit Weekly

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Inflation Set to Stay Firm in Challenge for the Fed

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Wall Street Increasingly Doubts Fed Can Meet 2% Inflation Target

[Reuters] China says Micron's products fail security review, bars some purchases

[Bloomberg] Why Is China Suddenly Shutting Down Concerts and Events?

[WSJ] Debt-Ceiling Talks Devolve Into Finger Pointing and Frustration as Deal Remains Elusive

[FT] Europe’s politicians impose price caps to address soaring food costs

[FT] ‘Boomy’ talk about the Chinese economy is a charade

Saturday's News Links

[Reuters] White House, Republicans make no progress on debt ceiling

[Axios] Debt ceiling deadlock centers on 2024 spending levels

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] US Bank Deposits Fall for a Third Week While Lending Stays Little Changed

[Reuters] Zelenskiy joins Japan G7 as democracies take aim at Russia and China

[AP] G7 urges China to press Russia to end war in Ukraine, respect Taiwan’s status, fair trade rules

[Reuters] India to withdraw 2,000-rupee notes from circulation

[Reuters] No joke: China's backlash against stand-up stirs fear of comedy clampdown

[AP] Sanctions against Russia and what the G7 may do to fortify them

[NYT] Why Is Inflation So Stubborn? Cars Are Part of the Answer.

[WSJ] Debt-Ceiling Talks Head Into Weekend With Spending Cuts in Focus

[FT] G7 issues strongest condemnation of China as it intensifies response to Beijing

[FT] Volodymyr Zelenskyy confronts Vladimir Putin’s enablers at G7 summit