Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Bullard Warns Delaying Fed Rate Rise Boosts Asset-Bubble Threats

[Reuters] Exclusive: Mexican president misrepresented personal land deal, records show

[SacBee] A guide to California’s drought and water crisis

[Bloomberg] The U.S. Suddenly Sounds an Alarm on Greece

[Bloomberg] China Backpedals on Fiscal Reform

[AFP] US threatening 'chaos' in Asia-Pacific: China

[Reuters] China land reclamation in South China Sea creates 'new facts': U.S.

[Reuters] Libya on verge of economic collapse, U.N. envoy warns

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] China shares tank, Shanghai sees record high 1.2 trillion yuan turnover

[Bloomberg] Emerging Stocks Decline as Chinese Shares Plunge; Ruble Weakens

[Bloomberg] China Brokers Tighten Margin Loan Rules Amid Bubble Concerns

[Bloomberg] Kaisa Left in Limbo as Sunac Drops Deal Amid Debt Talk Impasse

[Bloomberg] China Coca-Cola Bottle Maker to Default on Bonds Today

[Bloomberg] PBOC Said to Drain Funds by Selling Repos to Selected Banks

[Reuters] No change in Greek debt talks after another day of spin

[Bloomberg] G-7 Weighs In on Greece as Government Told to Be Serious

[Bloomberg] ECB Says Contagion Risk Exists If Greek Deal Not Reached Quickly

[WSJ] Business Lending by U.S. Banks on the Rise

[NYT] Borrowing to Replenish Depleted Pensions

[Reuters] Star managers battered by rocky ride in yields, currencies

[Bloomberg] The Tanker Market Is Sending a Big Warning to Oil Bulls

[Bloomberg] A Relic of California’s Oil Past Haunts State With Sea Spill

[Bloomberg] For Battered Brazilian Utilities, $8 Billion Bill Is Latest Blow

[Bloomberg] Soiled by Oil Scandal, Brazil Economic Model Primed for Makeover

[Bloomberg] It's the Economy, Turkey: President Wages War of Big Promises

[SMH] South China Sea dispute: What you need to know

[Washington Post] Defense secretary’s warning to China: U.S. military won’t change operations

[NYT] Armed With Google and YouTube, Analysts Gauge Russia’s Presence in Ukraine