Sunday, June 2, 2019

Monday's News Links

[Reuters] Stocks drop as trade tensions spark recession fears, flight to safety

[Reuters] Bonds 'on fire' as flight to safety gathers momentum

[Reuters] Gold hits 2-month high as recession worries drive safe-haven demand

[Reuters] Yen, Swiss franc shine as trade tensions spark flight to safety

[Reuters] U.S. manufacturing activity grows at slowest in two-and-a-half years: ISM

[Reuters] China May factory activity grows at steady pace but recovery still patchy: Caixin PMI

[Reuters] China warns students, academics of risks of studying in U.S.

[Reuters] Global recession fears grow as factory activity shrinks

[Reuters] Goldman lowers U.S. growth view, sees higher rate cut chances on 'trade war'

[Reuters] Deal or no deal, we leave EU on Oct. 31: UK PM candidate Johnson

[Reuters] What is the Italian clash with EU over fiscal policy about?

[Reuters] Taiwan urges China to 'repent' for Tiananmen crackdown, push for democratic reform

[CNBC] Trump calls for a boycott of AT&T to force ‘big changes’ at CNN'

[Bloomberg] Bank of Jinzhou Auditors Resign Citing Loan Inconsistencies

[Bloomberg] Here Are the Most Interesting Items in China's Trade White Paper

[Bloomberg] Treasuries Are on Biggest Rally Since 2008 as Fed Rate-Cut Seen

[Bloomberg] Fog of Trump's Trade War Turns China Into a Long-Term Combatant

[Bloomberg] Bond Traders May Soon Fret More About Italian Debt Than Greece's

[Bloomberg] As China’s Debt Balloons, Other Emerging Markets Fail to Take Off

[NYT] Trump Administration Considered Tariffs on Australia

[WSJ] Low-Inflation Trap That Ensnared Japan and Europe Worries Fed

[WSJ] Plunging Yields Expose Sorry State of European Banks

[FT] China decries US tariff ‘coercion’ as trade rhetoric heats up

[FT] Tackling trade deficits needs global co-operation, Taro Aso warns

Sunday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stock Futures Fall as China Blames U.S. on Trade Talks Flop

[AP] White House: Trump ‘deadly serious’ about Mexico tariffs

[Reuters] China central bank urges calm after Baoshang takeover

[Reuters] Pick your poison: For Fed, it's higher inflation or an inevitable return to quantitative easing

[Reuters] Mexico and U.S. gear up for tariff talks as Trump doubles down on threat

[Bloomberg] China Demands Respect and Blames U.S. for Trade Talks Flop

[WSJ] China, Mexico Signal Willingness to Step Up Trade Talks With U.S.

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] China says U.S. can't use pressure to force trade deal

[Reuters] China and U.S. clash again on trade and regional security

[AP] China blames US for trade dispute, says it won’t back down

[CNBC] China releases official document that blames America for the trade war

[Reuters] Donald Trump wades into Britain's Brexit crisis

[Reuters] German SPD leader quits in blow to Merkel's loveless coalition

[Reuters] Thirty years after Tiananmen, protesters' goals further away than ever

[Bloomberg] Trade-War Contagion Puts Markets on Alert for Fresh Risk Selloff

[Bloomberg] Trump Defends Trade Moves, Says Tariff Is ‘a Beautiful Word’

[Bloomberg] Central Banks Back on Front Lines Amid Trade War Angst: Eco Week Ahead

[Bloomberg] China Invokes Abraham Lincoln in Justifying Push to Take Taiwan

[Bloomberg] India’s Central Bank Faces Calls for Rate Cuts, Liquidity Boost

[WSJ] China Signals It Is Willing to Return to Trade Talks With U.S.

[FT] China steps up counter-attack against US in trade war

[FT] Taiwan feels the pressure from China ahead of presidential election

[FT] Asian ministers warn US-China tensions raise risk of war