Monday, May 11, 2015

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] Germany floats Greek referendum on reform, others doubt timing

[Bloomberg] Picasso Painting Sells for $179.4 Million; Sets Auction Record

[Bloomberg] Treasury Demand No Longer Insatiable Going Into Refunding

[NYT] Fight Over China Currency Policies Threatens Vote on Trade Bill

[NYT] Drillers Answer Low Oil Prices With Cost-Saving Innovations

[Bloomberg] Why Would Anyone Want to Restart the Credit Default Swaps Market?

[Bloomberg] Trend-Chasing Mutual Funds Work Well, Until They Don't

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] America's Future Got $7 Trillion Worse Since the Financial Crisis

[Bloomberg] The Lessons for Greece’s Economy From 70 Currency Union Breakups

[Bloomberg] Spanish Bonds Fall With Italy’s as Greece Fights Default Risk

[Bloomberg] Europe Stocks Little Changed; Delhaize Jumps While Airbus Falls

[Reuters] Greece says deal will be 'difficult' at Eurogroup meeting

[Bloomberg] EU’s Failing Greek Debt Plans Risks Split Among Creditors

[WSJ] IMF Works With Greece’s Neighbors to Contain Default Risks

[UK Telegraph] How the European Central Bank became the real villain of Greece's debt drama

[Bloomberg] The $900 Billion Influx That’s Wreaking Havoc in U.S. Bills

[Bloomberg] China's Currency Trap

[Bloomberg] China Vehicle Exports Tumble on Currency, Instability

[Reuters] China sees current account surplus, volatile capital flows in 2015

[Bloomberg] China Says U.S. ‘Hyping Up’ Its Military Threat, Damaging Trust

[Reuters] NATO says Russian-backed separatists equipped to launch new attacks with little warning

[WSJ] Rulers Snub Arab Summit, Clouding U.S. Bid for Iran Deal

[Reuters] Heavy bombing on Yemen border area by Saudi forces and Houthis

[The Atlantic] China and Russia Grow Even Closer