Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] EU patience frays as Greek PM refuses "blackmail"

[Bloomberg] Greece Said Poised to Request Six-Month Bailout Extension

[Reuters] German Finance Minister Says Extension of Greece's Loan Agreement Not Up for Debate-ZDF

[Bloomberg] Chinese Local Debt Shunned as 50,000 Auditors Probe Provinces

[Reuters] JPMorgan tops list of risky banks: government study

[Bloomberg] Leveraged Loans Need to Reshape Their Pitch as Individuals Flee

[NYT] Despite Ukraine Truce, a Battle That Continues

[Reuters] Putin tells Kiev to let troops surrender as Ukraine ceasefire unravels

[Reuters] Putin finds warm welcome in Hungary, despite European chill

[Reuters] Canadian home sales fall again, seller 'sense of panic'

[NYT] A High-End Property Collapse in Singapore

Tuesday's News Links

[FT] Lack of trust hampers race to salvage Greece bailout deal

[Bloomberg] Greek Banks Need More Emergency Funds as Deposits Drop

[Reuters] EU hangs tough, waiting for Greece to bend as euro wilts

[Bloomberg] Greece’s Bonds Decline for a Second Day After Debt Talks Halt

[Bloomberg] Greek Banks Fall on Concern of Capital Controls as Aid Talks End

[Bloomberg] Greek Euro Exit Risk Increases as EU Delivers Ultimatum on Aid

[Der Spiegel] Greek Finance Minister Varoufakis: 'Austerity Has Done Nothing to Solve Greece's Problems'

[Bloomberg, El-Erian] Tsipras Needs to Rethink His Timetable

[Bloomberg] Student-Loan Delinquencies Rise in U.S.

[Bloomberg] Ukraine Truce Blighted by Battle for Key Town as Monitors Urged

[Bloomberg] Bank Indonesia Unexpectedly Cuts Interest Rate to Bolster Growth

[Reuters] Emerging fund managers stuck in buy-and-hold as trading shrivels

[Bloomberg] Kaisa Debt Mystery Flags Query on Home Buyers Turned Lenders

[Bloomberg] China Property Recovery Fails to Gain Traction With Prices Dropping

[Bloomberg] China's Churning Out Billionaires Like It’s 1999

[Bloomberg] Dollar Risk at $115 Billion Looms Over Turkish Rate Cycle

[Bloomberg] Libya’s Chaos Puts Neighbors on Alert as Italy Weighs Action

[The Atlantic] Libya Is Turning Into Iraq