Sunday, May 14, 2017

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Oil Rally Lifts Stocks as Dollar Slips With Bonds: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] China Shares Gain on Spending Program; Crude Jumps: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Trump Doctrine Confounds G-7 as Ministers Kick Can to Sicily

[Bloomberg] A $1 Trillion Pain Trade in Treasuries Divides Top Bond Dealers

[Bloomberg] Debt Island: How $74 Billion in Bonds Bankrupted Puerto Rico

[Bloomberg] China's Growth Dividend for World Economy Shows Signs of Fading

[Bloomberg] China Watchers Caught Off Guard as Bond Rout Just Won't End

[Bloomberg] China's Factory Output, Investment Slow as Growth Dials Back

[Reuters] Behind China's Silk Road vision: cheap funds, heavy debt, growing risk

[Bloomberg] Oil Jumps as Saudis, Russia Favor Extending Output Deal to 2018

[Bloomberg] Japan Megabanks Forecast a Fourth Straight Combined Profit Fall

[WSJ] Chinese Banks Rattled by Regulatory Blitz

[FT] Junk bonds’ risk-return profile has been permanently damaged

[FT] When stimulus fades, a recurring Chinese story

Sunday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Sentiment Takes Hit From Economic Data, Missiles: Markets Wrap

[CNBC] Microsoft criticizes governments for stockpiling cyber weapons, says attack is "wake-up call"

[FT] The consequences of shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet

[CNN] North Korea says missile could carry nuclear warhead

[Reuters] Victory in state vote shows Germany's Merkel on course to retain power

[WSJ] Inside North Korea’s Accelerated Plan to Build a Viable Missile

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Unprecedented Global Cyber-Attack Poised to Spread

[Reuters] France's Macron takes power, vows to overcome division

[NYT] Real Estate’s New Normal: Homeowners Staying Put

[WSJ] How Big Are Mutual Funds’ Puerto Rico Losses? $5.4 Billion

[WSJ] Apple’s New Headquarters Is a Sign of Tech’s Boom, Bravado