Sunday, February 27, 2022

Sunday's News Links

[Reuters] Putin puts nuclear forces on alert

[Reuters] Ukraine and Russia agree to talks without preconditions, Zelenskiy says

[AP] Putin puts Russia’s nuclear forces on alert, cites sanctions

[Reuters] NATO chief calls Putin alert order irresponsible, cites 'dangerous rhetoric'

[Reuters] Ukrainian oil and gas facilities burn as West prepares new sanctions

[Reuters] Europe moves to close its skies to Russian planes

[Daily Mail] Belarus poised to declare war on Ukraine

[AP] West unleashes SWIFT bans, more crushing penalties on Russia

[AP] Explainer: A look at West’s toughest sanctions yet on Russia

[Reuters] Russia faces major disruptions to oil, commodities flows without SWIFT

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Russians Rush for Dollars as Sanctions Threaten Ruble Collapse

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Germany to Boost Military Spending in Latest Historic Shift

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] U.K. Wants G-7 to Set Russia Energy Limits for Europe: Truss

[AP] Russians hold anti-war rallies amid ominous threats by Putin

[Reuters] Stocks set for a painful week as conflict intensifies; bonds to gain

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Fed’s Powell Looks to Balance Inflation, Ukraine Risks: Eco Week

[Yahoo/Bloomberg] Iraq Shuts Down Two Oil Fields, Further Curtailing OPEC Output

[FT] Putin puts Russian nuclear forces on high alert as west steps up sanctions

[FT] ‘A global financial pariah’: how central bank sanctions could hobble Russia

[FT] China, Russia and the race to a post-dollar world

[FT] Russian airlines close to total ban from Europe’s airspace

[FT] Investors brace for flood of mortgage bonds when Fed trims balance sheet