Friday, May 24, 2019

Friday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall Street gains on trade reprieve ahead of long weekend

[UK Guardian] Pound volatile as no-deal Brexit risks rise

[CNBC] JP Morgan slashes second-quarter GDP forecast to just 1%

[AP] CEOs get $800,000 pay raise, leaving workers further behind

[CNBC] Here are the top contenders looking to become Britain’s next prime minister

[Reuters] Mexican economy shrinks in first quarter, economists downgrade outlook

Friday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall Street gains as trade tensions ease

[Reuters] Global stocks climb on muted trade hopes, sterling yo-yos as PM May quits

[Reuters] Oil bounces back, but markets remain fragile amid trade disputes

[Reuters] Tearful May resigns, paving way for Brexit confrontation with EU

[CNBC] US core capital goods orders tumble; shipments are flat

[AP] China ramps up war of rhetoric in trade standoff with US

[Reuters] China denounces U.S. 'rumors' and 'lies' about Huawei ties to Beijing

[SCMP] China’s Cybersecurity Laws May be Used to Lock US Tech Firms on National Security Grounds

[Reuters] Trump says 'dangerous' Huawei could be included in U.S.-China trade deal

[CNBC] Trump predicts ‘fast’ trade deal with China but provides no evidence

[CNBC] The China trade war is leading to lower mortgage rates for American homebuyers

[Reuters] Chinese regulator to take over Baoshang Bank due to credit risks

[Reuters] Light PBOC touch makes once unlikely yuan at 7/$ seem possible

[Reuters] A pollution crackdown compounds slowdown woes in China's heartland

[Reuters] Why U.S.-Iran tensions could quickly escalate into a crisis

[Bloomberg] Bankers Stunned as Negative Rates Sweep Across Danish Mortgages

[NYT] China’s Supply of Minerals for iPhones and Missiles Could Be a Risky Trade Weapon

[WSJ] Investors Slowly Wake Up to Fears of a New Cold War

[WSJ] One-Quarter of Working Americans Have Zero Retirement Savings

[WSJ] Political Risks Loom Over European Markets

[WSJ] Iran’s Allies Target Its Rivals, Risking Conflict

[FT] What does Theresa May’s resignation mean for Brexit?

[FT] China weighs allowing the renminbi to ‘crack 7’