Sunday, May 12, 2019

Sunday Evening Links

[Reuters] Asian stocks, yuan fall as U.S.-China seen deadlocked in trade talks

[Reuters] Stock futures slip in Asia amid trade standoff

[Reuters] China defiant toward U.S. on trade, Kudlow urges strong enforcement steps

[Reuters] Trump says the U.S. is 'right where we want to be with China'

[AP] Why tariff war threatens Beijing’s global economic ambitions

[CNBC] The cost of Trump’s tariffs has fallen ‘entirely’ on US businesses and households: Goldman

[Reuters] Iran commander calls U.S. military in Gulf a target not a threat: ISNA

[Bloomberg] China's Options Markets Go Wild as Trade Tensions Flare Up

[NYT] Trump Sees a China Trade Deal Through a New Prism: The 2020 Election

[WSJ] Frustration, Miscalculation: Inside the U.S.-China Trade Impasse

Sunday's News Links

[CNBC] Trump tells China to ‘act now’ on trade or face a ‘far worse’ deal in his second term

[Reuters] Wall St Week Ahead-Trade turbulence shows market vulnerability as stocks get pricier

[Reuters] U.S. bargaining power won't improve if China trade war intensifies -Global Times editorial

[CNN] Washington is flirting with a debt crisis. No one has a plan to stop it

[Reuters] Turkish finance minister hopes damage to economy from currency crisis will be short-lived

[Reuters] Iran's Guards commander says U.S. military presence in Gulf is 'an opportunity': ISNA

[Bloomberg] Most Mideast Stocks Fall With Trade Tension Spreading: Inside EM

[Bloomberg] Hold Tight for Volatility as Trade Turmoil Rattles Markets Anew

[Bloomberg] Weidmann Couldn’t Alter ECB Policy Quickly, Stark Tells Spiegel

[NYT] U.S.-China Trade Standoff May Be Initial Skirmish in Broader Economic War

[WSJ] Volatility Could Cause More Pain as Funds Betting on Quiet Sell Down Stocks

[WSJ] The Day Traders Are Back, Now Playing With Options

[WSJ] Tight U.S. Job Market Squeezes Smallest Businesses the Most

[FT] China’s Liu He denies backtracking on trade agreements with the US

[FT] The Fed grapples with low inflation and trade wars

[FT] Federal Reserve rethink faces a credibility challenge