Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Evening Links

[Reuters] Brazil's lower house backs Rousseff impeachment

[Bloomberg] Crude Slumps as Oil Talks Fail; S&P 500 Futures Drop With Aussie

[Bloomberg] Doha Failure Sees Loonie, Aussie Slide; Yen Near 1 1/2-Year High

[Bloomberg] China's Stocks Fall Most in Three Weeks as Oil Producers Slump

[Bloomberg] Oil-Freeze Talks End in Failure Amid Saudi Demands Over Iran

[Bloomberg] Oil's Grand Bargain Falls Victim to Saudi Arabia's Iran Fixation

[Bloomberg] Rousseff Hangs by a Thread After Brazil Vote as Allies Cry Coup

[Reuters] Brazil impeachment backers take strong lead in Congress vote

[Bloomberg] Historic Brazil Impeachment Vote Under Way as Tempers Run High

[Bloomberg] China's Home-Price Gains Spread as Easing Measures Spur Demand

[Bloomberg] Getting the Yuan Right Means Ignoring What Chinese Leaders Say

[NYT] An Old Alliance Faces New Pressures as Obama Heads to Saudi Arabia

Sunday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Doha Oil Talks Start After Delay to Address Saudi Stance on Iran

[Bloomberg] Doha Oil-Freeze Talks Delayed to Address Saudi-Iran Differences

[Reuters] Oil freeze deal faces trouble as Saudi-Iran tensions spike

[Bloomberg] Saudi Arabia Leads Gulf Stock Drop as Traders Wait on Oil Meet

[Bloomberg] Brazil Impeachment Drive Down to Wire as Rousseff Hits Back

[MarketWatch] Could the San Francisco real estate market finally be slowing down?

[Reuters] China to implement appropriate monetary policy, more forceful fiscal policies

[Bloomberg] Merkel Feels Heat From Backing Prosecution of Erdogan Satirist

[Reuters] China launches upgraded drills for South China Sea fleets