Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday Afternoon Links

[Reuters] Wall Street ekes out gains after China stimulus plan, jobs data

[Reuters] Argentine markets stabilize after political uncertainty smashes bonds, peso

[Reuters] Powell: Fed will continue to act 'as appropriate' to sustain U.S. growth

[Reuters] U.S. wants 'near term' results from new China trade talks: Kudlow

[AP] Brexit crisis grows as opposition rejects snap election call

[Reuters] Opposition to block PM Johnson's early election bid

[Bloomberg] World’s No. 1 Money-Market Fund Shrinks by $120 Billion in China

Friday's News Links

[Reuters] Stocks gain after weaker-than-expected jobs report

[Reuters] Job growth sees another weak month in August as payrolls rise just 130,000

[Reuters] China cuts banks' reserve ratios, frees up $126 billion for loans as economy slows

[Reuters] No place like home: Chinese firms stung by trade war build up domestic brands

[Reuters] Farm loan delinquencies surge in U.S. election battleground Wisconsin

[Reuters] Fitch downgrades Hong Kong as city braces for more protests

[AP] China criticizes US opposition to Chinese 5G telecom tech

[CNBC] Growing backlash in China against A.I. and facial recognition

[Reuters] Taiwan warns Solomon Islands of China 'debt trap' in diplomatic switch

[NYT] Markets Soar on News of China Talks, but Hopes for Progress Are Low

[Bloomberg] China Ratchets Up Stimulus, Cutting Reserve Ratio to Lowest Level Since 2007

[Bloomberg] A $150 Billion Global Corporate Bond Binge Is Smashing Records

[Bloomberg] How U.S.-China Trade Progress Is a Mirage Soothing Markets

[Bloomberg] Trump’s Trade War Threatens to Drag in IMF Over China’s Yuan

[WSJ] Trump Administration Aims to Privatize Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

[WSJ] Precious Metals Enjoy Resurgence in Negative-Yield World

[FT] Fed presidents disagree on key bond market signal

[FT] A recession is already here in US corporate profits