Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Tuesday Afternoon Links

[Bloomberg] Dollar Gains, Stocks Slip Before Fed as Oil Slumps: Markets Wrap

[CNBC] White House on Obamacare repeal: 'This is it,' passing another plan will be 'unbelievably difficult'

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Bonds Decline After Recovery Plan Leaves Less for Paying Debts

[NYT] Fed’s Challenge, After Raising Rates, May Be Existential

[WSJ] Investors View Junk Bonds as Most Overvalued in A Decade

[FT] Janet Yellen walks delicate Fed path on mortgage-backed bonds

[FT] Hugh Hendry’s zero-carry package

[Reuters] Turkey's Erdogan warns Dutch, minister floats economic sanctions

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Oil Slumps on Saudi Output, Stocks Slip Before Fed: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] U.S. Producer Prices Climbed More Than Forecast in February

[Bloomberg] The Great Corporate Bond Rush of 2017 Persists as Fed Mulls Hike

[Reuters] Fed, in shift, may move to faster pace of rate hikes

[Bloomberg] Saudis Tell OPEC They Eased Cuts by Pumping 10 Million Barrels

[CNBC] Rising rates will speed up the clock on retail's $3.7 billion time bomb

[Bloomberg] Brexit Bulletin: The Battles of Britain

[Bloomberg] China Home Sales Surge 23% in First Two Months, Defying Curbs

[Reuters] China property sales surge despite gov't efforts to cool market

[Bloomberg] China's Economy Holds Momentum as Output, Investment Accelerate

[Bloomberg] Indian Inflation Quickens on Food Costs Before Fed's Rate Review

[Bloomberg] Chinese Leaders Back Bankruptcies for Unwanted Zombie Firms

[WSJ] Be Careful: Stock Volatility is Hiding, Not Hibernating

[WSJ] Fund Investors Load Up on Property Debt

[WSJ] Mexico’s States Gained Power and Money; Then Came Corruption

[FT] Bond market’s complacency over the Fed risks painful end

[Reuters] U.S. carrier joins South Korea drills, North Korea warns of 'merciless' strikes

[FT] Populists seize the moment as Dutch fall out of love with EU

[WSJ] To China, America Finally Looks Vulnerable