Thursday, May 16, 2019

Thursday Evening Links

[Reuters] Wall St. advances as earnings, economic data beat expectations

[Reuters] Oil prices rise more than 1% as Middle East conflict persists

[Reuters] Treasuries - Strong data, stock rebound push yields higher

[Reuters] Huawei ban clouds U.S.-China trade talks, tech sector

[CNBC] China has plenty of ways to get back at US for treatment of Huawei

[Reuters] Debt bubbles could burst as economies slow, threatening stability, bankers warn

[Reuters] Fed's Brainard: Breakdown in inflation-unemployment relationship poses challenge

[Reuters] Trump says he hopes U.S. not going to war with Iran

[Politico] 'Potentially imminent threat' from Iran grips Washington

[Bloomberg] Bonds Calling the Shots for Stocks as Rate Cuts Outweigh Trade

[Bloomberg] Greece Warned About Widening Spreads and Risk of Missing Targets

[NYT] Fed Officials Sound an Alarm, Worrying Weak Inflation Could Last

[WSJ] Silicon Valley Will Feel Sting of Export Restrictions Against Huawei

[WSJ] Intelligence Suggests U.S., Iran Misread Each Other, Stoking Tensions

[FT] Brainard says Fed can let inflation overshoot target

Thursday's News Links

[Reuters] Wall St. gains on earnings boost, strong economic data

[Reuters] Oil rises for a third day amid escalating Mideast tensions

[CNBC] US housing starts rose more than expected in April

[Reuters] U.S. blacklists China's Huawei as trade dispute clouds global outlook

[Reuters] China slams U.S. blacklisting of Huawei as trade tensions rise

[CNBC] China’s state mouthpieces are taking an aggressive tone on the trade war

[Reuters] China April home price growth solid, big cities lead in sign of broadening strength

[Reuters] Walmart says higher tariffs on China goods will increase prices for U.S. shoppers

[Reuters] Exclusive: Tanker unloads Iranian fuel oil at China port after near five-month trek - data

[Reuters] U.S. pulls staff from Iraq, says Iran gave 'blessing' for tanker attacks

[SCMP] What Killed U.S.-China Trade Talks: A Tale of Two Texts

[AP] Iran claims right to respond to ‘unacceptable’ US sanctions

[Bloomberg] Trump’s Huawei Threat Is the Nuclear Option to Halt China’s Rise

[Bloomberg] China Has a $3.65 Trillion War Chest to Counter U.S. Tariffs

[Bloomberg] Boom in Dodgy Wall Street Deals Points to Market Trouble Ahead

[Bloomberg] China Trade Worst Case: Growth Slows, Debt Rises, Companies Exit

[Bloomberg] Deadly Pig Disease Sweeping China Is a National Crisis, Says Group

[Bloomberg] China's Wildest Rates Since 2014 Leave Bond Traders Stranded

[Bloomberg] Funding Crisis to Worsen Unless India Pumps In Cash, Kotak Says

[WSJ] U.S. Targets Huawei as It Seeks to Revive China Trade Talks

[WSJ] China Says It Doesn’t Know About U.S. Plans for Beijing Trade Talks

[WSJ] Booming Buybacks Aren’t Likely to Wane Despite Market Volatility

[FT] Turkey’s ‘low’ FX reserves leave country vulnerable, Moody’s warns