Thursday, March 15, 2018

Thursday Afternoon Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Mixed Before Next Week's Fed Rate Report: Markets Wrap

[The Hill] Mueller subpoenas Trump Organization: report

[Bloomberg] ‘King Dollar’ Kudlow Is Fighting a Tide of Bearish Greenback Wagers

[Bloomberg] China's Holdings of U.S. Treasuries Drop to Six-Month Low

[Bloomberg] Risk Parity Is the Weak Hand in Markets ‘Tethered’ to Volatility

[CNBC] Get ready to hear a lot more from Fed Chairman Jerome Powell than his predecessors

[CNBC] Homeowners gained an average of $15,000 in home equity last year – or $908 billion in total

[Bloomberg] JPMorgan Moves Closer to Urging a Rotation Away From Equities

[BBC] Saudi Arabia pledges to create a nuclear bomb if Iran does

Thursday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Rise, Bonds Steady on Factory, Jobs Data: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] U.S. Home Prices Rise Almost 9%, the Biggest Gain in Four Years

[Bloomberg] U.S. Homebuilder Outlook Eases While Hovering Near 18-Year High

[Reuters] U.S. job market tightening, inflation steadily rising

[CNBC] Import prices rise more than expected in February

[CNBC] China is ready for a trade war with the US — and it could hurt Americans

[Reuters] Senate approves bill rewriting post-crisis bank rules

[Bloomberg] Kudlow Plunges Into New Role as Trump’s Economic Warrior

[Bloomberg] Fed Takes a Back Seat for Traders Focused on Libor's Big Blowout

[CNBC] Over $60 billion wiped off value of cryptocurrencies in 24 hours as bitcoin slide continues

[Bloomberg] What Central Bankers Are Saying About Trump's Trade War Threat

[Bloomberg] These Huge Fund Outflows Show Growing Distaste for U.S. Dollar

[Bloomberg] IHeart Files for Bankruptcy With Last-Minute Creditor Deal

[Bloomberg] Japan’s Aso to Skip G-20 Amid Calls for His Resignation

[Bloomberg] Abe’s Bad Month Gets Worse as Allies Press Him Over Scandal

[Bloomberg] U.S., Germany, France Demand Russia Explain Attack in U.K.

[BBC] Russian spy: Moscow vows swift response on expulsions

[NYT] Hard-Charging Chinese Energy Tycoon Falls From Xi Government’s Graces

[WSJ] Trump Takes Aim at Next Tariff Target: China

[WSJ] Nobody’s Trading 10-Year Japanese Government Bonds

[FT] More countries are learning from Russia’s cyber tactics

[FT] China faces uphill climb to meet Trump’s $100bn trade demand

[FT] How Jamie Dimon came to rue his Bear Stearns deal