Monday, December 18, 2017

Monday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Hold Gains, Bond Yields Head Higher: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] GOP Tax Bill Hands Biggest Benefits to Top Earners, Study Says

[WSJ] Middle Class Gets 10% of Republican Tax Cut

[WSJ] Money Markets Are Going Haywire, Blame the Government

[WSJ] Trump Lays Out World View in Which Economic Strength Bolsters Security

[WSJ] China’s HNA Group Seeking Sale of $6 Billion in Overseas Property

[Reuters] U.S. says North Korea 'directly responsible' for 'WannaCry' cyber attack

Monday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Gain on U.S. Tax Plan; Treasuries Decline: Markets Wrap

[Reuters] Republicans confident tax bill to become law this week

[Bloomberg] Market's Extreme Calm Will Likely Become a Thing of the Past

[Bloomberg] HNA Liquidity in Question as Citic Bank Cites Repayment ‘Issues'

[Bloomberg] The Mysterious Chinese Company Worrying the World

[Bloomberg] Goldman Says Growth Is Bigger Fed-Hike Factor Than Market Thinks

[CNBC] Broken bonds: The role Wall Street played in wiping out Puerto Ricans' savings

[Reuters] Steady China home price growth in November as smaller city gains rise

[Bloomberg] It Took Five Decades to Build Steinhoff. It Cratered in Two Days

[Reuters] Trump in strategy document to cite China, Russia as competitors

[WSJ] GOP Tax Bill Would Set Up Years of Challenges

[FT] Low volatility will extract a price from investors