Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Default Recovery Rates as Low as 35%, Moody’s Says

[Bloomberg] Xi Hones Next Blueprint for China Economy After Stock Turmoil

[NYT] Stock Downturn Hits Chinese Investors in the Heart, Not Just the Wallet

[Bloomberg] Pension Funds Hunting Yield Return to Bonds Tied to Risky Loans

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Housing Recovery in Full Swing as U.S. Sales at Eight-Year High

[Bloomberg] ECB Said to Raise Greek Emergency Bank Aid Before Bailout

[Bloomberg] Rating-Cut Angst Lurks as Brazil Stocks, Real Decline on Budget

[Bloomberg] Chinese Stocks in Hong Kong Fall to Extend World’s Worst Losses

[Bloomberg] The Biggest Tech Rally Since October Just Hit a Brick Wall

[Bloomberg] Gold Rout Spreads to Copper, Tin and Zinc

[Bloomberg] Treasuries Swing on Intel as Corporates Exert More Market Force

[Bloomberg] Police Deaths Fuel Lira Drop as Turkey Security Concerns Mount

[Reuters] Greek bailout vote to test Syriza party rebellion

[Bloomberg] Puerto Rico Left Adrift by Washington as Bankruptcy Bills Stall

[WSJ] Hedge Funds Gear Up for Another Big Short

[FT] Exchange traded funds grow bigger than hedge funds

[Reuters] Special Report: Blackstone champions hedge funds for the little guy

[Bloomberg] Awkward Alliance Running Germany Exposed by Greek Crisis

[Bloomberg] A $4 Trillion Force From China That Helped the Euro Now Hurts It

[Bloomberg] Brazil Bank Said to Lose $2 Billion on Junk-Rated Loans

[Bloomberg] Art Auctions Slide to $8.1 Billion as Picasso, Monet Dominate

[Washington Post] War between China and Japan ended 70 years ago, but fighting continues

[Reuters] China says Japan defense review misleading, damages relations

[CNBC] Marc Faber: Why US stocks could drop up to 40%

[WSJ, Lipsky] Fifty Years of Debasing Money