Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Wednesday Evening Links

[Reuters] U.S. stocks fall as trade concerns spark growth fears

[CNBC] ‘Don’t say we didn’t warn you’: A phrase from China signals the trade war could get even worse

[CNBC] Corporations were the biggest buyers of stock during the bull market, but now they’re selling

[Reuters] Eyeing China, Pentagon briefs Congress on rare earth minerals report

[Reuters] North Korea accuses U.S. of 'evil ambition,' says use of strength not a U.S. monopoly

[Reuters] No negotiations with U.S., says Iran's Supreme Leader

[Bloomberg] U.S. Fighter Jets and Missiles Are in China’s Rare-Earth Firing Line

[Bloomberg] Here's What Could Happen If the Yuan Slips to 7 a Dollar

[Bloomberg] Credit Market ‘Probably the Riskiest Ever,’ Pimco's Mather Says

[NYT] The Bond Market Is Giving Ominous Warnings About the Global Economy

[FT] US Treasury rally accelerates as market jitters mount

Wednesday's News Links

[Reuters] Stocks slide as rising trade tensions fuel slowdown worries

[Reuters] Bond bulls get a boost as trade tensions fan recession fears

[CNBC] 3-month yield tops 10-year rate in widest curve inversion since financial crisis

[Reuters] China ready to hit back at U.S. with rare earths: ruling party newspaper

[Reuters] China central bank makes biggest daily net OMO injection in over four months

[CNBC] Weekly mortgage applications drop 3.3%, as spring housing season draws to a close

[AP] European Central Bank sends Italy a warning over debt

[Reuters] In China's Baoshang debt repayment, haircuts of 30% possible: sources

[Reuters] Ex-ECB head Trichet denounces rigid inflation targeting

[Reuters] Top U.S. security aide: Iranian mines likely caused UAE tanker blasts

[Bloomberg] U.S. Risks ‘Devastating’ Blow From China’s Rare Earths Monopoly

[Bloomberg] China Gears Up to Weaponize Rare Earths in Trade War

[Bloomberg] Rattled China Investors Worry What's Next After Bank Seizure

[Bloomberg] China's Economy Weakened in May, Early Data Show

[Bloomberg] China's High-Yield Bond Market Has Ballooned to $159 Billion

[FT] Baoshang takeover spotlights China financial system perils

[FT] Investors raise bets on Fed making two rate cuts

[FT] The race to replace Mario Draghi

[FT] China hits out at US over Huawei blacklisting at WTO meeting

[FT] Chinese cities warned to keep lid on house price rises

[FT] Pork prices soar as China struggles to contain swine fever outbreak