Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] Stocks, government debt flat as U.S.-China trade deadline looms

[Reuters] Oil rises but U.S.-China trade war weighs on demand outlook

[Reuters] Powell's 'half-full' U.S. glass sturdy but still at risk for spills as Fed meets

[Reuters] U.S., Canada and Mexico sign agreement - again - to replace NAFTA

[Reuters] Repo rupture at year-end could lead to 'QE4' - Credit Suisse analyst

[Bloomberg] Jitters Over China’s Local Defaults Start to Spread Offshore

Tuesday's News Links

[Reuters] Stocks turn positive after report of possible delay of December tariffs

[Reuters] U.S. productivity weak in third quarter; labor costs revised lower

[CNBC] Democrats and the Trump administration near a tentative North American trade deal

[Reuters] China's consumer inflation at eight-year high, but PPI stuck in the red

[AP] Fed is likely to reinforce a message of continued low rates

[Reuters] NY Fed accepts $28.5 bln in 13-day repo bids

[Reuters] German investor morale surges on signs of resilient exports

[Bloomberg] Gold’s Been on a Tear This Year and 2020 May See More Reward

[Bloomberg] The U.S. Is Entering a New Era in Trade Politics

[Bloomberg] U.S. Small-Business Sentiment Climbs Most in More Than a Year

[Bloomberg] One Call Defined Investing in 2019. Now ‘Bubble’ Trouble Mounts

[Bloomberg] China Local Government Unit Escapes Default With Late Payment

[WSJ] U.S. and Chinese Trade Negotiators Planning for Delay of December Tariffs

[WSJ] How Fed Chairman Forged Rate-Cut Consensus

[WSJ] Powell Eyes Revamp of Fed Inflation-Targeting Framework

[WSJ] A Remembrance: The Pragmatism of Paul Volcker

[WSJ] Paul Volcker Was Inflation’s Worst Enemy

[WSJ] Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Curb Some Loans as Regulator Reins In Risk

[FT] China squeezed by high inflation and falling producer prices