Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Oil Maintains Gains as Offshore Yuan Rises; Asian Futures Mixed

[Bloomberg] Yuan's Plunge Marks End of Chinese Stability for Global Economy

[Bloomberg] Market's Partying Like It's 1998, VAR Models Need a Xanax

[CNBC] Cashin: These are the Street's real China concerns

[Yahoo/Telegraph, Evans-Pritchard] China cannot risk the global chaos of currency devaluation

[NYT] Devaluation Hints at China’s Rising Distress Over Economy

[Bloomberg] Six Things You Have to Know If You Want to Understand the Yuan

[Bloomberg] Worst El Nino in 30 Years Hits South American Crops, Polls

Wednesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] China Is Sending An Ominous Message To Junk Bond Buyers

[Bloomberg] China Roils Markets for Second Day as Yuan Tumbles With Stocks

[Bloomberg] Yuan Tumble Tests China’s Free-Market Resolve as PBOC Intervenes

[Reuters] Germany Views Third Greek Bailout Package as Insufficient-Bild

[Bloomberg] Europe Stocks Fall Most in Two Weeks as China Sparks Growth Fear

[Bloomberg] Ruble Drops to Six-Month Low as Sberbank Warns of China Risks

[Reuters] INSIGHT-China under pressure to weaken yuan further -sources

[Bloomberg] China’s Yuan Move Worsens Policy Bind for Asia’s Central Banks

[Bloomberg] Yuan Drops in ‘Vicious Cycle’; China's Central Bank Gives Market More Sway

[Bloomberg] Yuan Hurts Junk Bonds of China’s Builders With Most Dollar Debt

[Reuters] Exclusive-China Steel Exporters Cut Prices in Bid to Jump on Yuan Drop

[Bloomberg] Ringgit Weakens Beyond 4 Per U.S. Dollar for First Time Since 1998

[Bloomberg] China’s Bonds Set for Biggest Two-Day Decline Since May on Yuan

[NYT] Currency Move by China Clouds Its Policy Goals

[Bloomberg] Citigroup: Something Big and Fundamental Has Changed in Markets

[Bloomberg] Ukraine Says Troops Face Intensified Assault as Unrest Worsens

[Washington Post] China parade will mark victory over Japan — and put neighbors in a bind