Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Evening Links

[Reuters] Greek parliament gives green light to Tspiras' bailout referendum

[NYT] Greek PM Tsipras Issues Defiant Call to Reject Bailout in Referendum

[AFP] 'Plan B' looms after Greece and Europe fall out

[Reuters] More than a third of Greek ATMs run dry for a while on Saturday

[UK Guardian] Tsipras’s shock call for vote on Greek bailout sets day of destiny for Europe

[Bloomberg] Euro Chiefs Seek Damage Control as Greece Heads to Referendum

[Bloomberg] IMF Won’t Help Greece If Payment Missed, Lagarde Says

[Bloomberg] Zhou Channels Greenspan Put With Easing After China Stocks Slump

[NYT] Sydney's Crazy Housing Market No Mere Craze

[Reuters] Disputes linger as Iran, powers push for nuclear deal: France

Saturday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Greeks Line Up at Banks and Drain ATMs After Tsipras Calls Vote

[Reuters] Greece has 'closed door' on further talks: Eurogroup's Dijssebloem

[Bloomberg] Door Closing to Greece as Finance Chiefs Scorn Referendum

[AP] The Latest: Germany Says Greece Vote Move Seems to End Talks

[Reuters] China cuts interest rates again to support economy

[Reuters] China says changing position on sea dispute would shame ancestors

[NYT] For Eurozone, a Day of Dueling Agendas on Greek Debt

[Reuters] China says many in Japan not ready to accept its rise

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