Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tuesday Evening Links

[Reuters] S&P 500 ekes out gain after Trump trade remarks

[Reuters] As protesters hit Chile's streets, peso sinks to historic low

[Reuters] Trump says China trade deal 'close' but dashes hopes for signing details

[CNBC] Trump rails on Fed, notes other countries have negative rates: ‘Give me some of that money’

[Reuters] Hong Kong universities become 'battlefields' as citywide violence spreads

[Bloomberg] Trump Says U.S. to Substantially Raise Tariffs If No China Deal

[Bloomberg] JPMorgan AM Says Days of Simply Hedging Risk With Bonds Are Over

[Bloomberg] SNB’s U.S. Equity Holdings Climb to a Record $94 Billion

[Bloomberg] Wall Street Plays Rotation Roulette as 2019 Haven Trade Unwinds

[Bloomberg] Citi Warns of a ‘War on Wall Street and Wealth’ in the 2020 Election

[Bloomberg] Argentina Is Running Dangerously Low on Dollars to Pay Back Debt

[Bloomberg] Chile’s Month of Unrest Starting to Infect Latin American Peers

[FT] Donald Trump threatens escalation of trade war with China

Tuesday's News LInks

[Reuters] Global stocks climb, investors seek enlightenment from Trump on trade

[Reuters] JGB prices stumble after weak 30-year auction

[Reuters] Oil rises further as trade hopes support

[MarketWatch] Small-Business Optimism Rises in October: NFIB

[Reuters] Markets hope for positive signs from Trump trade speech

[Reuters] Explainer: What a roll-back of Trump tariffs on Chinese goods may look like

[Reuters] China to tighten liquidity risk management on smaller banks: regulator

[Reuters] China should cut rates, but not use monetary flooding: central bank adviser

[Reuters] Violence brings Hong Kong to 'brink of total breakdown': police

[Reuters] Evo Morales leaves Bolivia to take asylum in Mexico

[Reuters] New bushfires break out in Australia as millions brace for the worst

[Bloomberg] Fed Likely to Defy History With Rates Steady Through Elections

[Bloomberg] China’s Troubled Banks Get a Lifeline from Local Governments

[Bloomberg] China’s Shifting Approach to Bank Bailouts

[Bloomberg] Quant Funds Exit Japanese Bonds in Worst Sell-off Since 2013

[WSJ] Clarida: Lowering Inflation Created New Challenges for Central Banks

[FT] China’s $1tn scramble for convertible bonds reflects hot market

[FT] Political discord threatens economic co-operation