Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Yuan Set for Biggest Two-Day Drop Since 1994 as China Central Bank Devalues

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Head for Almost Seven-Month Low as Yuan Tumbles

[Bloomberg] China's Yuan Move Could Reignite Asian Currency Wars

[Bloomberg] Brazil’s Credit Rating Cut One Level by Moody’s to Cusp of Junk

[Reuters] Yuan cut clobbers markets, rekindles fear of forex war

[Bloomberg] Currency Rout Goes Global as Jen Sees Risk of 50% Loss on China

Tuesday's China-Related Links

[FT] China steps up currency war with dramatic renminbi devaluation

[WSJ] China’s Yuan Move Sets Up Showdown With Traders

[Bloomberg] China Rattles Markets With Yuan Devaluation

[Reuters] China's big-spending tourists pause at stores as yuan drops

[Bloomberg] China Rattles Markets With Yuan Devaluation

[Bloomberg] Chinese Stocks Decline as Yuan Devaluation Spurs Outflow Concern

[Bloomberg] Yuan Slide Slams Emerging Nations as Stocks Head for Bear Market

[Bloomberg] One of China's Most Popular Trades May Be Coming to an End

[WSJ] Yuan Devaluation Worsens Debt Woes for Local Governments and Companies

[Bloomberg] Yuan Move Threatens to Add $10 Billion to China Inc.’s Debt Bill

[FT] China’s dollar debts come under pressure

[WSJ] China Move Sparks Wave of Yuan Selling

[WSJ] Yuan Move Could Prompt Other Devaluations

[Reuters] Spread between onshore and offshore yuan widens to biggest since Sept 2014

[Bloomberg] Yuan Devaluation Ripples Across Asia as Currencies, Metals Drop

[Bloomberg] China Auto Sales Fall to 17-Month Low Despite Price Cuts

[FT] China's shadow banking sector collapsed in July

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Oil Plummets After OPEC Supply Hits a Three-Year High

[Bloomberg] Here's One Sign of Trouble in the Subprime Auto Lending Market

[Bloomberg] Greece's Preliminary Bailout Deal Faces German Turbulence

[Bloomberg] Ruble Drop Resumes as Yuan Devaluation Dents Oil, Clouds Exports

[Bloomberg] Productivity in U.S. Barely Rebounds Following Earlier Slump

[Bloomberg] Ringgit Tracks Asia Currency Losses as China Slashes Yuan Fixing

[Bloomberg] Drillers Fled Natural Gas Only to Get Burned by Liquids

[Bloomberg] OPEC Supply Reaches 3-Year High as Iran Pumps Most Since ’12

[WSJ] M&A Deal Activity on Pace for Record Year

[Reuters] Russian Firms, Banks Shrink as They Face Fresh Peak Debt Payment

[WSJ] Meet the New King of Subprime Lending

[FOX] Turkey's strikes on Kurds could drag US into new front, military sources fear