Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] UK pound falls under $1.28 on renewed Brexit concerns; Asia stock markets tumble

[Bloomberg] Asian Stocks Fall as Yen Weighs on Japan Shares With BOE Warning

[Bloomberg] Japan 20-Year Yield Falls to Zero as Treasuries Rally to Record

[Reuters] Oil down 5 percent; biggest drop since Feb on Brexit, supply builds

[MarketWatch] M&G becomes 3rd U.K. firm to freeze property fund

[WSJ] Brexit Aftershocks Shake U.K. Real Estate, Pound

[CNBC] Markets worry as Italian banks face the perfect storm

[WSJ] Bank Profits Dealt Another Blow, as Yields Hit Record Lows

[Bloomberg] Mexico Peso Leading Losses Shows Limits of Interest-Rate Boost

[Bloomberg] Fed's Williams says Brexit effect as expected, no big deal

[NYT] Financial Strain Grows From ‘Brexit’ Vote

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Global Stocks Slide With Pound Amid Worries Over Fragile Growth

[Bloomberg] Italy’s Bonds Fall With Its Banking Crisis Back in the Spotlight

[Bloomberg] Asian Shares Retreat With Commodities as Yen Gains; Won Weakens

[Bloomberg] Yen Advances on Fresh Concerns Over U.K. Politics, Italian Banks

[Bloomberg] Aviva Joins Standard Life in Freezing Property Fund After Brexit

[Bloomberg] Property Stocks Slump After Standard Life Freezes U.K. Fund

[Reuters] UK commercial property feels chill of Brexit fallout

[Bloomberg] Italy Considers Capital Injection in Monte Paschi

[Bloomberg] A Prime Minister, a Referendum and Italy’s Turn to Get Worried

[Bloomberg] PBOC Panel Says Don’t Underestimate Complexity of Economic Risks

[Reuters] Japan June services sector activity contracts as new business shrinks: PMI

[Bloomberg] As 2-and-20 Fees Under Fire, Asia Hedge Funds Seek Cost Cuts

[Dow Jones] ECB, Brexit and the Battle of the Bonds -- Heard on the Street

[WSJ] Brexit Vote Rattles Companies Across Europe

[WSJ] Slowdown in Shadow Lending Tightens Credit on Main Street

[FT] After Brexit, the EU’s faultlines run through Rome

[Reuters] Chinese paper says should prepare for South China Sea armed clash