Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Stock Rout Worsens as Caterpillar Spooks Bulls: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Crude Slumps as Macron Proposes Iran Deal in Washington Visit

[CNBC] Higher interest rates and rising costs are a bad brew for stocks

[Bloomberg] Global Markets Are Facing Major Milestones at Every Turn

[Bloomberg] The $7 Trillion Debt Pile Looming Large Over Chinese Households

[CNBC] Trade war with US could be the tipping point for China’s $14 trillion debt-ridden economy

[FT] Chinese banks under pressure from Beijing to boost capital

[FT] Bubble trouble and the dangers of more ‘Big Shorts’

[WSJ] Near-Junk Illinois to Sell More Bonds—Will Investors Buy In?

[WSJ] Donald Trump Warns of ‘Big Problems’ if Iran Reboots Nuclear Effort

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Slide as Caterpillar Spooks, Google Tumbles: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Treasury 10-Year Yield Tops 3% for First Time Since January 2014

[Bloomberg] Oil Rises Amid Middle East Tensions, Shrinking Crude Stockpiles

[CNBC] Home prices surge in February – even as mortgage rates rise

[Bloomberg] Asia's Top Stock Market Is Having Its Worst Month in Two Years

[Bloomberg] How 3% Yields Could Reshape the Investing Landscape

[CNBC] Tax bill will slash by half the number of homeowners using the mortgage deduction

[AP] US brands suffer collateral damage in Chinese corporate war

[Reuters] Worrying signs China is moving backward on reforms, warns U.S. official

[WSJ] Home Prices Continued to Rise in February

[FT] The 30 minutes that have an outsized role in US stock trading

[FT] Greenwich: the rich town on the frontline of US hedge fund fight

[FT] Turkey’s corporate debt burden sparks jitters on economy

[FT] Companies must start preparing for transition from Libor now