Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Tuesday Evening Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Sell-Off to Reach Asia on Hawkish Powell: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Powell Says Strong Outlook to Prod Fed to Review Rate-Hike Path

[CNBC] Yields started jumping right at this moment when Powell hinted at more rate hikes than expected ahead

[Bloomberg] Fed's Powell Has Bond Traders Pondering Four Rate Hikes in 2018

[Bloomberg] Five Charts to Help You Understand Tuesday's U.S. Economic Data

[CNBC] Executives are falling over themselves to buy back stock — just not with their own money

[Bloomberg] Volatility Options Suffer Bloodbath as ProShares Tweaks Funds

[WSJ] Fed’s Powell Says His Economic Outlook Has Improved

[FT] Powell hints at faster pace of rate rises

[FT] Xi Jinping’s bid to stay in power more of a gamble than it seems

[FT] Taiwan and HK fear China’s harder line after Xi Jinping power play

[FT] Anbang arrest demonstrates Beijing’s hostility to business

Tuesday's News Links

[Bloomberg] Stocks Drop, Treasuries Tumble on Powell Testimony: Markets Wrap

[Bloomberg] Powell Sees Gradual Rate Hikes Amid Strong U.S. Growth Outlook

[CNBC] Fed Chairman Powell: Market volatility won't stop more rate hikes

[CNBC] Home prices surge 6.3% in December amid critical housing shortage

[Bloomberg] U.S. Consumer Confidence Is at 17-Year High

[Bloomberg] Orders for U.S. Business Equipment Unexpectedly Fell in January

[Bloomberg] R-Star Wars Grip Economics as Powell Testifies: Eco Research Wrap

[Bloomberg] ProShares Slashes Leverage on Surviving Volatility Products

[Bloomberg] No, Worst Probably Not Over Yet for S&P 500, These Analysts Say

[Bloomberg] King Cash Threatens the Reign of Credit Markets From U.S. to Europe

[Bloomberg] U.S. Stock ETFs Ride Waves of Inflows as Market Euphoria Returns

[CNBC] Chinese takeover of Waldorf Astoria owner Anbang shows new strategy

[Bloomberg] ECB's Weidmann Insists QE Can End in 2018 Even as Inflation Dips

[Reuters] U.S. threatens action against Iran after Russia U.N. veto

[NYT] After Anbang Takeover, China’s Deal Money, Already Ebbing, Could Slow Further

[WSJ] U.S. Home Prices Continued to Rise at End of 2017

[WSJ] Japanese Shift Away From U.S. Debt Over Budget, Dollar Fears

[WSJ] Blessed by Xi Jinping: The New Captain of China’s Economy

[FT] Italian election: voters frustrated with shallow recovery