Monday, November 25, 2019

Monday Evening Links

[Reuters] S&P 500, Nasdaq hit new highs as chips climb on trade optimism

[Reuters] China and U.S. moving closer to trade deal, but no agreement on tariff rollbacks: report

[CNBC] Fed economists warn of ‘economic ruin’ if Modern Monetary Theory policies are ever adopted

[CNBC] Bitcoin sinks to lowest level since May, falling $3,000 in a month as China accelerates crackdown

[Bloomberg] ‘Cheap’ End-of-Year Funding Fuels Demand for Fed Repo Operation

[Bloomberg] Over 13% of China’s Banks Are Highly Risky, Central Bank Says

[WSJ] Fed Officials Close to Filling Two Top Markets Jobs

Monday's News Links

[Reuters] World shares climb on trade hopes

[Reuters] Dollar boosted by trade progress signs, Brexit promise lifts sterling

[Reuters] Oil kicks off week with gains on fresh hopes for U.S.-China trade talks

[Reuters] Trump says administration to take 'good look' at Hong Kong rights bill

[Reuters] China central bank warns high financial risks amid rising economic headwinds

[Reuters] Fresh headache for China after Hong Kong democrats rout pro-Beijing candidates

[Reuters] Britain is a dangerous mess, former PM Blair says

[Reuters] Special report: ‘Time to take out our swords' - Inside Iran’s plot to attack Saudi Arabia

[Reuters] Taiwan ruling party says China 'enemy of democracy' after meddling allegations

[Reuters] Greenhouse gases accelerate to new peak in 2018, U.N. says

[Bloomberg] A Booming Corner of Private Credit Has Some Investors on Edge

[Bloomberg] China’s Tewoo Seeks Debt Haircut of Up to 64% on Dollar Bonds

[Bloomberg] Pro-Democracy Forces in Hong Kong Bolstered by Huge Election Win

[FT] Beware the dawn of the corporate dead